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7 Steps for Creating the Perfect Logo for your business

Logos are not just pictorial representations of your businesses put they convey the “persona” that the brand is meant to portray. Great logos have the power to make the brand immensely recognizable. When various factors such as typography, colors, illustration come together to create a visual image which is in sync with the brand message and are successful in targeting the right audience, the logo will do wonders for the organization by making it synonymous with the product & services it stands for. Although, there is no fixed pattern or technique to design a great logo, logos are works of art and they should be treated in that manner but that said and done, logo design process is now a very articulate work because the needs of the client should be given due attention when designing a logo. There has to be a method to this madness. Lets take a look at the step by step process by which we will be able to break the whole process down into smaller parts by segregating them accordingly as they materialize.

1: Converse with your clients:
Before you start up the design process, research is absolutely necessary and who better to start off the research with than the client itself. Having known the fact that they know their business inside out with all its vagaries like the target market, future vision and product placement, they are warehouses of important information that you might require to take your design process forward.

2: Independent research:
After you have talked to your client, start your own research into the field where this logo will be placed. Check out the preferences, fads, trends and leanings of the targeted group of consumers. One more effective way is to check for highs and lows in the business and see what made those hills and troughs happen. It can unearth something really good and land you onto a great idea in the process.

3: Learn from the Masters:
Some of the most iconic logos like Coca Cola, Apple, Mcdonald’s, Google or Starbucks hold valuable lessons for all people who would like a logo for their brand or product. They are personifications of minimalism and art combined. Being Creative is not about creating something entirely new from scratch, it is about getting inspired by something, building on it and accomplishing something beautiful. These masters are the best proponents of this creative war.

4: Brainstorming:
Sit down and think, the best ideas do not come through a methodical approach. They just randomly appear out of the blue and require work on them to achieve perfection. The best way to do this is to identify that one idea among the millions of others that pop up continuously in your mind and we can do that by entertaining wide range of ideas an cutting through them innocuously.

5: Digitize the Art:
Once you are done with getting all the information and have the necessary inspiration to begin start putting your work onto a platform and start building it. Your canvas are the many digital tools like Illustrator, use them to go forward in building a great logo.

6: Add the Deft touch:
Get Feedback from the client on your initial design and incorporate them into your logo. This is the last but the most important cog in this important process. Your client may not be able to understand creativity as you do but getting a review from them will make things easier for you as well as for them.

7: Final Step:
Finally deliver the finished logo to the client by handing it over in the best possible format and meeting all the criteria and requirement. After you are done with everything, you must have a lot of creative leftover that also has immense potential of its own. Upload it on logo design inspiration websites so that other people can benefit from your creativity and work as well.

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