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Your Company Logo: More Important Than You Think!

In order to establish your brand image strategically in the minds of consumers it is important that you realize the crucial importance of branding and logo designing for your business. A logo is the physical manifestation of your company’s image and it anchors it deeply into the minds of the target audience. If you want your overall marketing strategy to be built on a strong base it is important that you pay particular attention and invest substantial effort in making a well-designed logo.

The concept behind a well-designed logo
Your brain is trained and conditioned to respond more actively to visual images than text which is a why an image, symbol, icon or emblem represents the entire vision of your business behind it. The message a logo conveys can be so impactful that it can convince your target audience of your business’s solidarity and all the feelings and emotions associated with your business. The whole purpose of the enterprise can be summarized behind one single image, carefully and perfectly articulated to connect to the target audience on another level.

Logos represent your brand image at all forefronts whether it is on the newsletter, business card, or representing your company on an international forum. A logo is not just a random symbol which you chose to represent your company in-fact it has a logical concept behind it which is central to the core principles of your business.

You have copyright license over your logo
When we say that your logo is representative of our unique brand identity, we mean it. Your logo is completely and exclusively yours and you have copyright license over it. What do we mean by that? No other business is allowed to imitate or copy your logo to represent their business as it is the distinctive face of your business. Just like all human beings have a unique fingerprint, which no other human being can impersonate, similarly your logo is strongly associated with your business alone and it is your duty to own it and do justice to what message the logo conveys.

What makes a great logo?
A great logo is one that you are proud of and are more than enthusiastic to show it off to the public. A substandard logo often tries to emulate an already existing logo and often fails badly unable to make the unique position in the hearts of customers and potential clients. Designing a great logo can be quite an investing venture and needs some serious effort to convey the message you want to deliver. A great logo conveys relevant information about your business or market niche and is meaningful and comprehensive.

A great logo encompasses the essence of the business idea behind a single image. Just like every company has its own culture, similarly your company needs to portray a distinct personality and confident attitude to the target audience in a way that is understandable to them and leaves no room for any doubts about what your business is all about. Remember that in this highly impactful information packed, digitalized and technologically advanced environment you need to get through to your customers in a clear and consistent manner to make your place in the corporate world. Brand recall is improved if your brand image is flexible but consistent with the various mediums across which you need to portray your brand identity. Easy to remember and simple logos, without unnecessary fancy elements is what reaches to your target audience and gives your brand the attention it craves for and deserves.

Your logo should appeal mainly to the target audience you are targeting and keep in mind what segment of the population it is catering to. If it is the youth you intend to target, then it is not your concern whether the old-age population is able to make sense out of it. Not everybody can operate on the same page and it is your duty to cater to the individuals which are the sources of revenue and ROI for your business.

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