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Scrutinizing Custom Logo Designs – Are They Worth the Investment?

Everything in this world is recognized and valued by its front face or its visual appearance. It can create a positive or a negative image depending on its look. Likewise, a brand too gets recognized from its front face, the Logo. If I were to elaborate on it further then it could be explained as the ‘Lineaments of a General Organization’.

According to Matthew Hale:

“A company’s logo is its shorthand, a visual cue that tells a story of the brand’s culture, behavior, and values.”

How Does Your Logo Define Your Brand?

As a rule of social interaction, your dress-code is dictated by the event you are attending; similarly, your brand’s logo should be adaptable in order to fit into several different styles. For example, there might be a “blast from the past” campaign where you need your logo in black and white, similarly, a “pride” campaign requires your logo to be decked in rainbow colors. How well you can “dress up” your brand shows how versatile your branding is and how strong your logo design is:

Recent Era Logo Design Options

With the passage of time and the evolution of technology, a lot has changed. Many business owners today feel confused by the variety of options available to them. Brands now have the option of choosing between a company designed custom logo, running a logo design contest on an outsourced website or designing a logo themselves using free online tools and software.

1. Custom Logo Design

To get a Custom logo, a business owner must hire a firm to design their brand’s logo. The firm is liable to work upon the provided brief and create the most customized version of a logo for the brand. Similar to PNC Logos, a design firm will offer certain packages to choose from.

2. Online Tools

Logo maker is a tool that lets you create your logo by yourself. All you need is to enter your business name and select the appropriate category. The tool then shows some logo design ideas and allows you to customize them as well. Some of them are free whereas some come with premium options.

3. Logo Design Contest

Often, business owners launch logo design contests on different crowdsourcing websites like Freelancer, 99Designs, Design Crowd and others. Various designers take part in such competitions and place their designs. The best one is then selected by the brand owners and the winning designer is awarded some monetary rewards.

Why a Custom Logo Design has an Edge over the others?

1. Quality Outcome
You can expect a good customized logo designed by a company or in a contest but rarely from an ordinary logo maker because they often give you repetitive concepts of logos that won’t have the capability to stand out in the market or amongst your competitors.

With custom logo design, you can always ask for revisions until it meets your level of satisfaction. You’ll eventually find the logo with a design that you were actually looking for.

2. Cost Factor
Custom logo designs are far more cost effective as compared to a logo design contest. Some logo design companies like ours can help you design a basic logo for $29 whereas the average price of a logo starts from $100 and even that can’t guarantee you the satisfaction in the long run as trends change.

3. Turn Around Time
The turn-around time in custom logo design usually varies from 24 to 48 hours. Whereas logos in the contest can take up to 10 days. In one or two days you can find multiple concepts of a custom logo design with some great ones. Without wasting time, you can find your project accomplished within the given time frame. So it can be said that custom logo design is a quick and the most trustable option you have.

4. Extensive Use
Custom logo design can be used extensively for other purposes as well. As the company will provide you the PSD or AI file, it will be helpful in brand identity designs as well like business cards, brochures, envelopes and other stationery items. Many times the company will provide brand identity designs as well with a minor increase in the package which can be a plus point for a custom designed logo.

5. Logo Variety
When it comes to logo design contest business owners have hundreds of logos to pick from. It’s difficult to select one from the hundreds whereas with a custom logo design, the owner or the business manager is in correspondence with a single account manager who gets the designer to work exactly on your given brief. Additionally, they would share ideas and new concepts for your logo and like our company, some of them may offer unlimited revisions for your logo design project. Hence hiring a custom logo design service would be quite a simple process.

6. Facility of Dedicated Account Manager
This is a convenience that will only be available to you through a custom logo design service and not from any logo making tool or a logo design crowdsourcing website. Even the most basic company packages come with a dedicated account manager who will be looking after your project from the scratch till the end, making sure that the delivered logos are satisfactory and up to the mark.

7. Ease of Communication
Unlike the ordinary logo maker tool or a logo crowdsourcing site, a custom logo design agency will have a well-maintained team of account managers who will always be in correspondence with you regarding your project. There would be a proper channel of communication from the initial stage of the project till its accomplishment.

8. Refunding
Once you have locked any project and made the payment to the logo maker or freelancer through a crowdsourcing platform then there are fewer chances of getting a refund in the case of any dispute or unsatisfactory results. A legit custom logo design company will always be there in this regard. Most of them even mention it in their package details.

9. Package Up-Gradation
In case of a custom logo design, you can upgrade your package at any stage of the project. Crowdsourcing platforms and other tools that offer DIY logo designing won’t offer any package up-gradation options. It will be counted as a separate department if, for example, you need to develop a website; you will have to place another order for this or consult any other platform.

The points above should effectively clarify the benefits of custom logo design over other methods. Most industry leaders always go for this method as they know that this is what that makes them a BRAND.

Brands who opt for Custom Logo Design

Let us now go through some great examples of brands who believe in the power of the changing trends and evolve their brand identity with unique and captivating logo concepts every time.






These are some famous brands that took their brand evolution seriously and developed unique logo concepts to stay relevant. We as a company have also serviced many clients who already had a logo but wanted a revamp that would bring them up to the mark and let them be strong in their niche.

Some of those satisfied clients are:

Cases where a Brand needs a Logo Up-Gradation

Case # 1: The Logo was outdated
Industry giants always work upon their logo up-gradation strategy just to keep their feet firmly in the market. This is known to impact the customer behavior towards your brand so after their research, if they found that the current logo is outdated, they won’t consider it worthy. Therefore, it’s mandatory to stay updated with market trends and upgrade your logo accordingly.

Case # 2: Festive Logos
When the holiday season comes in, most of the businesses start proposing certain discounts and offers to the customers. At the same time, businesses upgrade their logos by adding festive icons and other elements to it. This shows how a brand is actively working to captivate its consumers.

Image Source:

Case # 3: Hard-Hitting Competition
When you are running your business in a tough and hard-hitting competitive industry, being updated then becomes a compulsion. The Web and graphic design industry itself would be a great example here, as it is mandatory for them to know what aesthetics and styles are in. The only way to soar above the competition in a highly competitive industry is specialized expertise and information.

Case # 4: Brands Collaboration
When a company collaborates with another one, it is important to highlight that in your branding elements and to let your customers know about the change in your logo as well. Have a look at the Foursquare logo after their collaboration with Red Antler.

Case # 5: Technical Problems
When you hand over your logo design project to some inexperienced logo design company then this usually happens. When designers use multi-colors in their logos it becomes problematic for business stationery. The cost usually exceeds when your logo contains multiple colors. In this scenario, the brands are then forced to refurbish it.

Does a Custom Logo Design have any impact on Marketing?

The answer would be YES!

However, it only happens when your logo is of superior quality so that the impact is enough to positively influence your brand image.

When the new logo of Sonos was revealed on the internet and shared on the twitter for the first time, it went viral. This is the logo:

When you scroll up and down you will notice sound waves emitting effect. This was the game changer here.

Nobody can deny the power of social media. The idea is that it just needs to be clicked by the users and the audiences will play the rest of the game.

Additionally, if you are an avid blog reader on the internet you might have noticed that bloggers usually take an overview of different websites and share the best things about them.

The screenshot below shows a blog post on the “25 Top Real Estate Logos From the Pros”. Some of the well-designed logos in the real-estate industry are listed there to inspire the viewers.

Hence this way your business can get a lot of visibility on various platforms which offer you a great branding opportunity. In fact, a well-designed custom logo matters in all the possible arenas of the business and no one can deny its importance in the digital world.

In a Nutshell

For a successful business, smart decisions matter a lot. Making the right choice in your logo design project will define the value of your business. We hope this custom logo design guide will be a good resource to help the case of well-designed custom logos. Concerns and questions regarding the topic are most welcome.

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