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In current times, every company and brand is out with all guns blazing, trying to dominate every inch of space they can lay their hands on and spending millions of dollars in the process. The advertising and branding industry has become more crowded than it previously was and it is not just increasing but increasing exponentially which is a major cause of concern for all those who also want their branding and advertising campaigns to reap expected benefits for them. The consumer is now being consistently overwhelmed by this branding onslaught and has reduced attention spans to a bare minimum, the consumer now just gives a fleeting glance at everything, with a very rare chance that something will be able to catch and gaze and keep it long enough for the connection to become possible.

Your company’s logo is the first and most important branding tool and it has the power to effectively register an overhaul in your company’s recognition and success. Logo is what defines brand and conveys the ideology and purpose of the brand to the consumer. If it’s instantly recognizable, then rest assured, the sales will look north. Your custom logo design can immensely help you in carving out a niche among your target market, but with a gazillion logos out there, how will your logo stand out among them and gain consumer attention? Lets look at some of the factors that have the power to make your logo design unique and effective at the same time highly increasing its chances of getting noticed.

Its Easy
One of the worst things you can do to your logo is to make it difficult. We humans, when on the design side, have a tendency to create things which are complex, but what we forget is that, when we flip sides, we ourselves don’t like to view complex things if they don’t belong to us. Your logo should never be covered under a blanket of complexities. It can have a connotation or a hidden message by cleverly using the space in between the letter, but keep it simple. Minimalism is a concept that should highly be considered when creating your logo design. Remember those Golden arches, they have become an iconic symbol and have helped a company catapult into one of the biggest fast food chains in the world. The arches have nothing complex in them and that is their unique selling point.

It carries a soul in itself
We as humans, react to things that we identify with thoroughly. If something catches our fancy then it has got to be something that has a certain feel and soul to it. A logo is no different. When your logo design is just a run of the mill branding gimmick, people will ultimately lose their traction with it, no matter how great the design is. When a logo is intended to carry a message just like Amazon’s famous arrow from A to Z, which signified a certain vision the company believed in, people will be able to identify with that logo a lot more as they see a great vision entrenched inside the logo itself making it easier to remember and the company which it signifies.

Intriguing in nature
The insanely famous “Swoosh” logo owned by Nike is simple and unique but what purpose does it serve? The Swoosh is Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory’s wing. The philosophy behind it has made it insanely popular among the masses as people now consider it as iconic. Your logo design needs to carry a story and a striking association with itself that is to be conveyed to the consumer. This has the ability to pique interest levels to no end and make your logo design stand out amidst all the branding mayhem.

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