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Mascot Brief Form

Our artists will extract their creative ideas from the details you provide us in this form, so please fill it carefully.

    Form part 1: The user

    Form part 2: The Mascot


    Describe the type of body you are looking for. Ex; Very tall, with long arms and short legs, big head and strong body. Or something like; very short, chubby, with very big eyes and smile.

    Ex of skin; soft skin, wrinkled like a dragon. Ex of hair; frizzy and thick like an afro. Ex of material; wood, metal, fabric, etc.

    Describe the type of facial expression you want for your mascot. For example you could describe something like; happy, mad, thoughtful, serious, focused. Or describe something more specific like; a wide smile with big teeth and bright blue eyes, etc.

    Describe the type of pose you want for your mascot. You could describe something like; running fast!, standing leaning on a PC and thoughtful, floating in the air with a yoga pose, etc.

    Write a personality type for your mascot. You could name things like, enthusiastic, researcher, paranoic, relaxed, pacifist, violent, funny, etc.

    Describe outfit or costume you want for your mascot. For example you might want him/her to wear an sports suit for running, a halloween witch costume, a helmet and jeans, a doctor's gown, swimsuit, etc. The more descriptive you are the better!.

    Form part 3: The Project Context and Scope

    Represents our basketball team, my insurance company, our elementary school, our bowling team, etc.

    If you found or have an image of something you like for your mascot, attach it here if you want us to inspire on it.

    Attach here your logo, in case you want your mascot to match the colors and style of it.

    Write here any additional comments, for example if you uploaded a picture what part exactly do you want us to inspire from. Or something else you want for your mascot and this form doesn't cover.

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