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What Makes A Good Event Management Logo?

Any decent logo in the world of event management has 4 essential components:


Color Palette

Event management firms have the option to choose unorthodox colors which other although more serious firms might avoid using. For example, an accounting firm might not choose bold colors such as red and gold but for an event management company, these colors could do wonders if they are implemented in the right way. However, it is important to not go overboard while choosing the colors for your logo. Sharp, eye-catching colors can be great to gain the attention of customers but they should be used sparingly to avoid the logo from becoming a mixture of bright, flashy colors.


Logos for event management firms can be personalized with the symbols they implement into their logos. This area allows our designers to flex their creative muscles and come up with intricate designs for the logo. If there is a particular type of catering you provide or specific events you serve, they can be used in the design of the logo. For example, a firm that specializes in weddings can have that represented in their logo. This helps attract the targeted audiences as well as differentiating the firm from other who operate in the same industry but cater to a different niche.


When deciding on the layout of your logo, it is important to keep in mind where the logo is going to be used. A logo is not just meant to be used online exclusively. Apart from websites and webpages, it is also used in various other places. For an event management firm, this can include cards and company vehicles amongst others. The layout should be flexible so that it can be adjusted into different formats without much problem. Choosing a layout which only works in one particular format severely limits its usage.


A well-designed logo is a combination of different elements that help to make it appealing and attractive. Every design element serves its own significance and uniqueness, whether it is the colors, design, patterns or the font. The logo is supposed to be the face of the business, so a suitable font is crucial in sending a message as to what your brand stands for. Serif fonts are commonly used by businesses due to their professional and elegant look. While the font should reflect the identity of your brand, it should also be readable in all formats. Our exceptional designers not only design the perfect logo but also make all the right decisions regarding the stylistic choices, including the fonts!

Tailored Logos:

Each and every one of our logos is completely original and designed from scratch according to your requirements. We believe that every business is unique and it is our job to deliver unique logo concepts to complement your brand identity.

Timely Delivery:

We firmly believe in the aphorism that time is money. For all our clients, we ensure that the logos we prepare not only perfectly reflect your vision, but are also delivered by the deadline, if not earlier. The amount of time we ask for delivery also includes some cushion for any changes or revisions the client could want.

Unlimited Concepts:

The innovative and visionary minds at PNC Logos are never short of creativity. Once you’ve provided your requirements, we come up with a number of design concepts in order to provide you exactly the logo that you want. These concepts can then be further worked upon and refined once you’ve picked one that really resonates with you.

A stellar track record:

PNC Logos has a history of providing unique and creative logos for highly successful businesses. We have provided our services to businesses across a diverse range of industry verticals. Examples of our work can be seen on our website.

Creative and Practical:

The designs our team comes up with are made from scratch. The designs can be specific to your needs such as if you want a particular type of logo or the usage of some specific colors. The designers can also be given creative freedom which allows them to come up with unique and attractive designs.

Award-winning designers:

We have some of the most highly decorated and hardworking designers in the industry. The quality of their work, along with their level of qualification and dedication allows us to provide outstanding logo designs for accounting firms.

24/7 Customer Support:

Our customer support representatives are available round the clock for our clients. Day or night, you can pick up the phone and call our number to have any queries resolved. You can also talk to our representatives via the chat option on our website

The Process:

  • The BriefDesigning
  • Revisions
  • Delivery


    • How do I order a logo?

Simply fill the form below to get in touch with us. Or you can pick up the phone and give us a call at 1-800-213-7640 to place your order.

    • What type of logo should I choose?

That is entirely up to you! But if you’re not entirely sure, our strategists are always available to help you figure out the type of logo that best suits your business.

    • Can I make changes to the design?

Of course! You are entirely free to make changes to the design once we deliver it to you. In fact, we offer free revisions so if you’re not perfectly satisfied with the design, just give us a nudge and we’ll modify the design according to your vision.


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