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If there is something people are talking about, it is the NFT market. However, despite being a few years old, most people do not know how to operate it and make money through it. Many people are only skeptical about the NFT world. But there is a way to establish your trust in this new and happening thing in town and start minting profits.

If you expect to make millions with NFTs because you heard a success story, we have news for you- pricing and selling your NFTs in the digital world takes a while and certainly does not make everyone a millionaire. To excel in this digital world, there are some rules you need to know before you can attractively price your offerings online so people can purchase more of them.

Many artists worldwide now understand that perhaps conventionally earning through their art is becoming a thing of the past. They are jumping onto the NFT bandwagon. The way you price art in the real world versus how you price and sell in the crypto world differs significantly, and for that, you must learn the right pricing strategy to sell your offering.

Are you new to NFT art? Let’s dig in and get some basics out of the way.

Learn more about NFT art

Spend some time learning the ins and outs of the digital marketplace. Learn what items are hot and trending and which artists and creators are providing NFT items on their chosen platforms. Scroll through various offerings on digital platforms and evaluate the offerings from a buyer’s perspective. Try to find a pattern in the pricing mechanism artists are using and connect it with the type of art they sell. Check whether you will be willing to buy any of that NFT art yourself or not.

Once you review a few artists, go back to your own offerings, and this time you will see them in a different light. Evaluate your art. Figure out your chances of competing against other artists. As a reference point, think about the price your target audience will be more than happy to accept.

For example, if you want to target people who love Marvel, your NFT art must also be related to Marvel movies and priced reasonably.

Be Patient

People in the NFT world are susceptible to a lack of patience. The price of Bitcoin and Ethereum affects the pricing of NFT artwork. In the past, as the price of Bitcoin fluctuated, people began to lose interest in the NFT world. You may find the audience more engaged with digital assets when Ethereum prices are very high. One of the worst things artists do is sell their art when Ethereum is at an all-time low, fearing it would go lower and avoid a loss. However, the prices sometimes took a turn and went to peak, making artists rich overnight and some who sold earlier very unhappy.

Selling your art is all about being patient and waiting for the right time to hit the jackpot. There is nothing wrong with keeping an NFT on the shelf. It is better than selling it for dirt money.

Create Value

Since the NFT marketplace is full of talented artists like yourself, it becomes increasingly important to stand out by creating value for your buyers. There are more NFT products than buyers, which already devalues your collection. However, you can still stay afloat by exploring valuable techniques and tips.

Create art in themes that are already popular. This will increase the chance of a sale at a higher price. However, you must also go your way and provide something original yet very relatable to the buyers. Some artists create original work, price their items very high, and guess what; they are still selling.

The trick is to create value in your product so buyers take more interest in owning it. You will be able to sell even if the ETH prices are low.

No regrets

NFT marketplace is not like the conventional art market, where things are always a bit certain, and you have to be smart enough to guess or predict the market. This market encourages emerging talents. If you sell an art piece at a lower price, don’t fret. Focus on creating more masterpieces, and you will be able to price them better than your previous items. Just keep going and create more work that makes you a well-known name.

Use your NFT pricing as a market strategy

The price of your NFT can tell a lot to your buyers and can work in your favor to sell more of your masterpieces. If your price your NFT lower than you wanted to, your buyers will feel like your offering is affordable, making them more loyal to you. Some artists in the NFT world use this strategy and lower their product prices for the first collection so their buyers can grab it as soon as possible, feeling rewarded and supported. This feeling becomes even better if you raise the price of your art after the initial batch is sold at a lower price to a few loyal fans.

Price and royalties

There are two primary ways of making money from your NFT art.

One is through the initial sale, and the other is through the resale royalties. Your collectibles will rarely stay with one person forever. As they pass from one person to another, they will be making you more money. So one of the ways you can make money is by pricing your NFT at a low price at the initial sale and earning through royalties when it goes from one buyer to another. This will allow more people to buy your NFT in the initial sale stages.

Increase price slowly

It is frustrating when you create an NFT art for the first time and want to sell it at a high price and find the market is not responding well. However, know that the initial sale is the hardest, and once you have that out of the way, you can easily price your next NFT according to your worth. Try not to devalue your work and not price too low because that reflects poorly on your product. Once you have the first sale out of the way and have buyers interested in your skill and style, you can gradually and slowly increase the prices of your artworks.

Number of copies

One of the ways you can determine the price of your work is by knowing how many copies of the NFT art you want to sell online. The general rule of thumb is that if there are more art copies,

the lower the prices. Hence, if you have very few copies of your NFT art, you can sell them at a higher rate. The price heavily depends on the rarity of the item.


If you have too little NFT artwork for buyers, it sends out the wrong impression about your artwork, as though your offerings haven’t picked up on popularity yet, or you are testing the waters. On the other hand, having too much inventory with unsold items can also reflect poorly on your artwork. Finding the right balance in inventory is crucial for pricing so people can see your item’s value.

Bottom line

To excel in the crypto world, take a closer look at the marketing trends, what other people are selling, and at what prices. Keep in mind that bitcoin and Ethereum keep fluctuating. The first steps in the NFT world will be challenging for any newbie; however, if you stay persistent, you will definitely make it big if you follow the proper pricing mechanism for your offerings.

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