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Anderson Lake Dental is a renowned dental clinic in Eden Prairie, MN. Their services in dental and oral care are dedicated to maintaining good oral health and making your smile beautiful. Moreover, they have also introduced high-quality MedSpa services that offer natural beauty while keeping you away from the environment of doctor’s surgery. The team of Anderson Lake Dental joined hands with us in December 2021 to look into their site enhancements and perform local SEO of their website in order to increase their ranking and leads through organic search in Eden Prairie, aMN.


Our Local SEO strategy for Anderson Lake Dental brought about significant improvements in the business’ visibility within local search results, resulting in an increase in website traffic and conversions. Moreover, our focus on a modern and easy-to-navigate web design was geared towards a hassle-free and enjoyable browsing experience for visitors. This approach not only enhanced Anderson Lake Dental’s brand reputation but also contributed greatly to making its mark in the digital realm.

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Organic Improvement

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Leads Enhancement

03 1.5K to 4K+



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Local SEO poses challenges like maintaining consistent business information online, standing out in the local dental market, managing online reviews effectively and the list is endless. These tasks require careful attention to detail and a strategic approach to optimize local search rankings. Given the objective to achieve positive outcomes for Anderson Lake Dental within a timeframe of six months, we went the extra mile to deliver the best possible results to the client.


Embarking on Local SEO is an exciting journey. With a strong strategy, navigating through the local SERPs becomes a seamless endeavor. For Anderson Lake Dental, we worked in every way to accomplish the expected outcomes, including higher visibility and lead enhancement.

PNC Logo’s Solution for Anderson Lake Dental
Can Be Portrayed through These TWO Broader Contexts:


Local SEO

Our Local SEO Strategy was initiated with a comprehensive website audit, identifying issues like weak URL structure, duplicate pages, thin content, and CTA misplacement. We then set up proper URL structures and created SEO-optimized content based on comprehensive keyword research against each page. Additionally, we ensured appropriate CTA placement for improved conversion rates, conducted a backlink profile audit, removed harmful links, and applied various link-building tactics to improve the ranking. Moreover, we created and optimized the Google My Business (GMB) profile for local search presence.


Web Design

Our web design improvement strategy included revamping the website's user experience (UX) to address identified issues. The updated content and proper URL structures contributed to improved relevance and engagement as well as better navigation. In addition to this we created a blog section with informative content, adhering to the EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) concept to enhance user engagement and authority. We also analyzed competitors' websites to identify design best practices and applied them to enhance website aesthetics and functionality.

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