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Anything Chenille is an ecommerce store that sells chenille patches and letterman jackets. The company offers a variety of custom chenille patches, including letter patches, activity patches, name patches, year date patches, state patches, and number & position patches, offering a unique way to its customers to express their personal style or affiliations. Anything Chenille approached PNC Logos with a challenge: to grow their ecommerce store's organic reach and conversions.


Our ecommerce SEO strategy led to increased visibility, attracting high-quality traffic and improving user experience, leading to higher conversion rates and brand credibility. With this, Anything Chenille was able to achieve substantial growth and success in the online world.

01 80%


02 279

Organic purchases

03 $30,476.30

Purchases worth


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High competition, frequent search algorithm updates, managing high-quality content for numerous product pages and the complexity of technical SEO are challenging responsibilities. We worked day in and day out to deliver the best possible results to Anything Chenille within a six-month timeframe.


Ecommerce SEO is an exciting endeavor, and if you have an effective strategy, you can win the SERPs without any hurdle. In the case of Anything Chenille, we strived hard to achieve the expected results in terms of leads and traffic.

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PNC Logo’s Solution For Anything Chenille


Web Design

Our web design strategy was executed as part of the detailed ecommerce SEO effort. Anything Chenille’s website on OpenCart underwent a recent update to its latest version. To get the best possible outcomes and keep the customers hooked, we created a blog section with well-researched and informative content. Furthermore, we performed competitor analysis to identify best practices and implemented the most effective strategies on the website to improve its performance.


Local SEO

Apart from the comprehensive web design practices, we conducted a detailed website audit. This helped us discover many bugs, including a weak URL structure, poor redirection, a significant number of broken links, thin content, and more. To address these issues, we created an appropriate redirection plan because many old URLs were ranking on keywords, and users were getting a 404 page instead of the new URL page. We also created SEO-optimized content for their collection pages, performed in-depth keyword research for each page, improved product pages, and implemented internal linking. All this boosted website's overall SEO performance, leading to increased visibility and organic traffic.

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