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Now that 2020 is here, there is a lot that needs to be done to up your social media engagement game. You will need to keep adapting to trends so that you stay ahead of the curve. But what can you actually differently this year? What strategies and/or tricks will boost your social media engagement in 2020? To find out, read on.

Boosting Social Media Engagement on Facebook

To get more engagement on Facebook, you should go live more often than not. According to a survey it was found that live videos performed better than the usual Facebook videos. In order for this to work, you will need to plan your video and notify your viewers beforehand. Do not forget to write a short description for your video, and give answers to questions your viewers are posting so they know they matter. Most importantly, be yourself.

Another great way to increase engagement on Facebook is by creating a private group. You may have a page for your brand, but that will not cut it. You will need a Facebook group to create a community that is all about your brand, which will in turn increase visibility and boost engagement. Just remember to keep posting, and avoid being salesy all the time.

Boosting Social Media Engagement on Instagram

When it comes to boosting social media engagement on Instagram, you will need to utilize all its features to their fullest potential. Features like mention sticker, question sticker, location tag, etc. can do wonders if you play your cards right. Use Instagram stories to keep your audience hooked as well, just be unique and fun about whatever it is that you end up posting.

To get more comments on your Instagram posts, you should post more videos, it really is that simple! Of course, people generally do not leave comments on posts on Instagram, but you can rectify that by posting more videos. Studies have shown that videos actually get more comments than the usual Instagram posts.

Boosting Social Media Engagement on Twitter

For Twitter, you will not have to do much to boost engagement. You can start with using hashtags wherever possible. Believe it or not, hashtags are a powerful way of increasing your reach and engagement. It will without a shadow of a doubt increase your exposure on Twitter. As long as you use them wisely, your Twitter account will get to the top in no time.

If you were not using GIFs before, then the fact that GIFs getting 55% more engagement on posts will get you started right away.

Other useful tips include interacting with other users’ content, retweeting whenever you are mentioned, responding to people who tweeted you, and sharing useful articles.

Boosting Social Media Engagement on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a bit tricky, and there is nothing to be ashamed about if you were not working extensively on this social media platform in particular. It can be intimidating, and not a lot of individuals and businesses know how to boost social media engagement on LinkedIn.

Since the social media platform has over 300 million active users, you will need to take advantage of the professional networking app, but the good news is you have the following tips to count on for phenomenal results:

  • Much like Facebook, you will need to go live here often as well. As soon as you go live, your followers will be notified. Just choose a topic, any topic, and talk about it. Provide unique insight, and encourage your viewers to ask questions so that they interact with you.
  • One of the best things about LinkedIn is that it has support for hashtags. So use them wherever you deem appropriate. Remember, you can’t use them sparingly like on the platforms mentioned above.

Other useful tips for boosting engagement on LinedIn include writing LinkedIn blogs and articles, engaging with others, creating your own LinkedIn group, joining other LinkedIn groups, and the most important of them all, and sharing content that is relevant to your target audience.

Social media is a place where you can always count on your consumers to be present and active. There is absolutely no reason why you should not use this to your advantage. Reach your target audience more easily, by simply being active and responding to queries and concerns on all social media platforms. If you are not present on all social media platforms, then it is high time you create your presence.

Boosting your social media engagement really boils down to how effective you are in showing you care about your target audience. When you show them they matter, and you take their comments seriously, there is no way your social media engagement will not grow. By doing something so simple, you can actually make a big difference, so much so, your target audience will opt for you rather than your competitors each and every time.

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