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The contacts in the Android and many other operating systems were for a long time referred to as a business card. Business cards are thought to be going extinct as the world goes increasingly digital but that is far from true. The business card is something whose value is not appreciated fully, and those who do know its importance are not going to give up on it anytime soon.

The business card holds a lot of sway in the corporate world. And it is not just the formal corporate world where the business card matters. It matters almost everywhere and we shall talk about reasons why should be always carrying well-made business cards:

Swapping phone numbers and email is unprofessional

Networking is about making connections; connections are only credible if they are genuine. Sending contact information via email or text on the spot is convenient but it is an impersonal way of doing things. A business card first of all is tangible. Tangible things are more easily remembered. There is a good chance of a person coming across a business card in their wallet after a meeting than they are of coming across the email you sent them. Also exchanging business cards is something you do after a conversation and sometimes the business cards lead to even more conversations and this is how real relationships begin. Simply typing into your phone does not create a “memory” for this act has become routine and insignificant.

Business cards are very effective marketing tools

If you are giving them to your employees these tend to be distributed a lot. Having a formal business card in today’s world has become quite rare, and thus more appreciated. A business card is now considered something that only important people carry. So these do make people feel important and they are more inclined to distribute them to people they want to impress. How does this benefit you? Well if your employees want to impress someone, chances are they do matter and it is good for you that such people learn of your presence. This is the cheapest way of advertising and yet effective.

However many would argue that all forms of advertising pale in front of search engine optimization. Paid forms of advertising are no doubt great at attracting leads but seasoned business will argue and prove and when such advertising methods are like a candle in front of the sun when compared to the effectiveness of an in-person meeting which is concluded with a handshake and exchange of business cards. Business cards may not help you sell a shoe to one lone customer over the internet but they will help you a lot when you go to your supplier to negotiate better rates.

Plus what many people forget is that networking is a continuous process. You can meet a potential lead or contact any time, be it at the airport lounge, industry conferences or happy hour. Arming yourself with a business card ensures that you never miss an opportunity to make an impression and create a valuable business connection in one go.

A business card shows that you are prepared

Smartphone batteries are notorious for dying. And once that happens even the savviest of business people can be seen scrambling, writing contact information on cocktail napkins on scraps of paper. That never looks professional.

A business card gives the impression of being prepared and impressions count for a lot. Who would you do business with, someone hunting for scrap of paper or someone who has a business card ready with them?

So for many years to come it is a surety that conversations will be ending with an exchange of business cards.

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