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Designers may find it difficult in the early stages of designing as they need to incorporate their mental strategies for solving out designing problems and finding the right element to blend it with the creative art. The Idea Generation is one of the most difficult phases in the designing process as fresh ideas need to be generated by the designer which can still remain incompletely understood. Here are some of the ways for a creative designer where he or she can gather creativity and intelligence to design anything creative.

The Preparation Phase
The preparation phase for a designer is pretty much about ‘fact finding’ or ‘collecting’ information or creative references. It is a way to build knowledge about the problem for the client; what he wants and what he needs to display or portray. Thus the creative designer must focus on identifying and evaluating all creative and inspirational ideas before generating a design idea concept.

Inspiration information is usually in the form of images where the designer evaluates all analytical reasoning with the influence of visual elements and creative designing solutions. All such findings are important and crucial for the designer and can also be executed by expert think tanks or strategist for guiding the designer who can further use computational design software tools to efficiently develop and support the designing creativity.

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Finding the Cognitive Approach for Designing
Research is always an important process for designing activities. It is important to know about the market dynamics for their creatives and art. So in order to blend creativity in the designing process, it is important to browse all inspirational materials from all the sources and involve analogical reasoning to develop your own creative idea concept. Analogical thinking is often triggered by visual stimulation through various images and art. It stimulates the designer’s creativity builds upon a structure of thought process during the designing process.

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Looking for the Inspirational Mediums for the Designers
It is also important to create a link between organizational values or product visual characteristics with the creative design concept. Anyone of these elements or factors can inspire feelings of emotion. Designers are always on the lookout for inspiration and must indulge themselves to know about different creative trends and design news.

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However, some creative concepts are difficult to implement because of the limitations of computational or editing software tools. While searching for different design concepts, designers must also keep check for specific colors or shapes which can easily align and be relevant with the organization or with its initial purpose. Designer’s creative concept has to be efficiently supported by the computational or editing software to shape it up for realization as these tools are able to take the designer’s creativity and subjectivity into account. The real challenge is to conduct early efficient informational and inspirational phases for the creative idea generation. Such findings help to guide the designing process to reach a fruitful outcome or result.

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