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How Do You Make a Football Team Logo

Sports fans can identify their favorite team’s colors from miles away, and this has a lot to say about the importance of a good football team logo design.

Knowing how to create a football team logo or any sports team logo for that matter, is easier said than done. However, if you know where to begin, that’s half the battle won! Read on through this article to learn how football team logos are made:

Brainstorm Ideas

You can start by brainstorming ideas. Determine what message your football team logo will communicate. Essentially, you have to answer the following questions:

  • What message is being conveyed?
  • What is the main message?
  • What values are being communicated?

Analyze Existing Football Team Logos

While brainstorming ideas, it would be a good idea to analyze existing football team logos. Check out existing football team logos to find inspiration and external reference points for your logo design.

Doing something as simple as analyzing existing football team logos, can provide valuable insight required to come up with new and innovative ideas. Check out as many logos as you possibly can so that you know what direction you need to be headed. Keep in mind you should not rip off existing logos as it will defeat the purpose of creating your football team logo.

Identify your Options for Logo Types

Since there are different types of logos, finding the right type for a football team logo is important. A combination of symbols, images, and font-based logos can be used. Think of it this way: having just an image or just the name is one option if you want to keep things simple. On the other end of the spectrum, you can opt for an intricate design consisting of images and symbols with font-based logos if the aim is to appear flashy and stylish with your football team logo.

Determine an Appropriate Font

Apart from logo types, equal importance needs to be given to choosing the appropriate font for a football team logo. Stick to fonts used regularly by sports teams to build the mental connection with sports when a person lays eyes on your logo. When searching for font options, a simple online search can be a great help.

Put Pen to Paper

When you are confident you have a framework to work with, put your ideas to paper. Remember, your logo does not need to be perfect; the process simply involves giving life to your ideas.  Note down as many ideas as you possibly can and make as many iterations as necessary. Remember to stay creative and play around a bit to see what you come up with.

Hire a Professional Designer

Creating a football team logo is easier said than done, and it requires a lot of skill to ensure it is executed correctly. If you want to avoid spending a considerable amount of time and money designing a football team logo, you could hire a professional logo designer instead.

While looking for designers, make sure you find one with the necessary experience to cater to your requirements. Also, make it a point to check out their reviews to see what their existing customers say about the quality of service. If everything seems to check out, then the designer is question is likely to be a legitimate professional capable of producing the design you’re looking for.

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