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The Power of Pictorial Mark Logos in the Branding Sphere

From the cave paintings of the Aztec and Mayan civilizations belonging to the Neolithic era to the modern era, the appeal of pictorial marks has never been lost on humans.

You know why? Because hundreds of years of evolution has transformed our brains to see faces in everyday objects as familiarity helps us make sense of our world more easily. Whenever you hear the word “Apple”, your brain automatically conjures up an image of Red, shaped object, which you know, is an apple. You just can’t stop this process from taking place. But you certainly can take it to your own advantage and use it’s a powerful branding connectivity tool through the use of Pictorial Mark Logos.

Using actual pictures of real word objects as the logo of a brand instead of, symbols or text accompanying them, pictorial mark logos are just about everywhere.

See around you, some of the most powerful brands out there have pictorial mark logos. Facebook has an “F” as a logo, Twitter has a Bird as its logo, Apple has an Apple with a bite taken off of it, as its logo, Nike has its Swoosh and more, countless other examples of brands with similar logos, that serve millions and billions of customers each day without the appeal being lost ever.

In his book, The Tipping Point, author Malcolm Gladwell talks about the psychological concept of mutual exclusivity as one of the most fundamental behavioral rules through which we acquire language more easily. In easier terms, this concept tells us that, as we learn language, we cannot ascribe two different words to a single object. For e.g., an apple cannot be simultaneously called a raddosa. This would be immensely confusing to us. Once a word and an image have stuck to a certain object, it’s immensely easier for us to memorize and remember it which makes for excellent recall whenever the word or the object is presented to us. And isn’t that, what logos are supposed to do? Be memorable and aid in making the brand easier to recognize and recall? Hence, the transcendent power of pictorial mark logos.

One of the most important and highly popular logos to emerge in recent years has been the logo for Android. Amusingly, the inspiration for this Green colored bot, which has become a universally accepted symbol of the Android operating system the world over, came from the pictorial marks of men and women outside bathrooms. This pictorial mark logo for Android is immensely simple, with a body and antennas on top, to give it a more “Robotic” kind of feel.

The underlying power of getting more acceptability is ubiquitous for pictorial mark logos and many more brands have successfully utilized them to get their brands more acclaim and popularity as they can be used across a wide variety of platform more easily. Brands like Lacoste, which uses an alligator as its logo, has been instantly recognizable the world over, no matter whether the logo is on shoes, handbag, Polo Shirt or even on an Outlet sign.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year by firms to make their brands more known to consumers and get them to initiate an interaction with the brand itself. But if you have a highly effective logo, you don’t need to rethink your templates and designs again and again for the sake of experimenting as to which one works the best, which saves your financial resources from being put at immense risk.

Getting a logo designed for your firm is a big deal undertaking, but one, which if done right, has the power to immensely benefit your brand. Pictorial mark logos provide a sense of familiarity and semblance to the audience in these times when we are being constantly bombarded with all types of visual and auditory stimuli all day long, making it easier to recognize a brand with a pictorial mark logo than one without it.

Yes, Apple does make cutting edge high tech products, but just imagine, without that iconic logo emblazoned on the back of its phones or Ipads, would that brand be still regarded as the epitome of mesmerizing elegance and forward thinking that we have come to think of it as today? Certainly not, and that’s where you need to understand the power of pictorial logo in influencing your brand’s aura and the audience itself and make sure that you have this concept under the list of ideas, whenever you venture out to get your new logo made.

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