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Circular and round shapes in logo design are favored for their psychological appeal, aesthetic balance, practical versatility, and cultural symbolism. They offer a blend of simplicity, universality, and visual impact that makes them effective across various contexts and media, contributing to their popularity in branding. There is a long list of famous circle logos that are universally recognized due to the simplicity and impact of their designs.

Why circle is such a hit shape in logo designing

The use of circular and round shapes in logo design is a prominent trend, and there are several design theories and principles that explain their popularity.

1. Psychological appeal

Harmony and Unity: Circles are often associated with completeness, unity, and harmony. These shapes can evoke feelings of protection, community, and wholeness. For example, the Olympic rings symbolize the unity and connection of the continents.

Endless and Timeless: The continuous nature of a circle can represent infinity and timelessness, suggesting durability and endurance. Brands with circle logos like Target and BMW, use the shape to convey a lasting presence and reliability.

Softness and Approachability: Unlike sharp-edged shapes, circles are perceived as soft and approachable. This can make brands seem more friendly and inviting. This is seen in logos like those of Starbucks and Firefox.

2. Aesthetic and visual impact

Simplicity and Focus: Circles offer a simple yet powerful form that can be easily recognized and remembered. They often allow for clean and uncluttered logo designs.

Balance and Proportion: Circular shapes can create a sense of balance and proportion, naturally drawing the eye towards the center. This makes them effective for logos that need to be impactful even at small sizes, such as on app icons like TikTok.

Symmetry and Consistency: Circles inherently possess symmetrical properties, which can communicate stability and dependability. This is seen in the logos of companies like LG and Mastercard.

Community and Inclusion: The unbroken form of a circle fosters a feeling of enclosure and togetherness, making it ideal for brands that emphasize collaboration or a sense of community.

  1. Functional and practical benefits

Versatility: Circular logos are adaptable across various media and applications. Their symmetrical nature makes it easy to fit into diverse contexts, from social media avatars to product packaging.

Centrality and Containment: The circular shape can effectively contain other elements within it, creating a focal point for additional design components or text. This is useful for logos that need to integrate complex elements within a bound space.

Scalable: Due to their inherent form, circular logos can be seamlessly scaled up or down without losing their visual impact. This ensures consistent brand representation across various digital and print media.

  1. Cultural and symbolic associations

Universality: Logos that are circles are recognized positively across cultures. This universality helps brands appeal to a global audience. For instance, the Olympic rings and the Earth from space are circular, symbolizing inclusivity and global unity.

Depth: Circles are rich in symbolic meanings, from cycles and continuity to protection and wholeness. These symbolic aspects can be leveraged to convey deeper brand messages. For example, the circular nature of the Unilever logo represents sustainability and the cycle of nature.

Brands with the most famous circle logos of all time

The list of the most famous circular logos of all time is endless. No one can ever list all the brands that have enjoyed decades of instant recognition by their users thanks to their rounded branding elements. In this blog, we will cover as many popular circular logos of all time and also look into how the shape reflected, and, in some cases, enhanced a brand’s value and perception.


Let’s have a look at some of the popular circle logos from the technology industry.

1.  Apple


The most famous of all circular and round logos in the technology sector is Apple’s bitten apple. The circular frame often used around the apple symbol (e.g., on some app icons) emphasizes simplicity and elegance. It helps reinforce Apple’s brand as innovative and user-friendly.

2.  Google Chrome


Google Chrome’s multicolored circular logo is etched in our minds because we use the browser daily to look up things from quick recipes to more complex problems like DIY fixes for a faulty water heater. The circle design symbolizes the idea of global connectivity and the internet’s infinite possibilities. It reflects Chrome’s role as a portal to the web and its speed and efficiency.

3.  LG



LG, the popular electronics brand formerly known as Lucky-Goldstar, has a stylized face as its logo with “L” and “G” forming a wink in a circle. The circle symbolizes the company’s global, friendly, and approachable persona. It conveys balance and the company’s focus on human-centered design.

4.  Samsung


Samsung’s logo is not circular per se, but the brand’s name is often enclosed in an elliptical circle. The ellipse suggests dynamism and a futuristic outlook, aligning with Samsung’s innovative and diverse product range in electronics and technology.

Social Media

The Social media world is also filled with some of the most prominent circle logos. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

5.  Pinterest



The popular photo platform has a red “P” within a white circle that resembles a pin, referencing the platform’s core function of “pinning” images and ideas. The circle evokes a sense of community and connection. It creates a simple yet memorable logo that instantly communicates the platform’s purpose and fosters a sense of shared discovery.

6.  WhatsApp


WhatsApp has a white speech bubble with a phone icon inside, set against a circular green background. The circle represents connectivity and communication, key themes for a messaging app. The rounded design conveys approachability and simplicity, enhancing WhatsApp’s brand as an easy-to-use, reliable communication tool.

7.  Telegram



Their logo depicts a white paper airplane within a blue circle, symbolizing the platform’s focus on fast and secure messaging.

8.  TikTok



TikTok has beautifully encased a musical, often within a circular shape, which gives an impression of rhythm and flow, aligning with TikTok’s focus on music and video content. The round shape ensures the logo is dynamic and engaging, fitting TikTok’s energetic and creative community.

9.  Skype



Before Zoom became the rage during the Covid pandemic, Skype was the king of video calls. Its letter “S” within a cloud-like circular shape was a staple on every Desktop. The circle combined with the cloud shape suggests conversation and connectivity, core to Skype’s brand as a communication tool. The rounded logo is friendly and accessible, appealing to a broad user base.


Just as the automobile industry has always taken the front seat, so have these famous round logos. Read on, and you will be happy to recall them.

10.              Audi



Who doesn’t love Audi’s four interlocked rings? They are the ultimate symbol of luxury and extravaganza. The rings symbolize the union of the four founding companies of Auto Union. The circular form denotes durability and interconnectedness, enhancing Audi’s image as a brand that blends heritage and modernity.

11.              BMW



Talking about companies that use circles in their logos, we can’t forget the blue and white circle divided into quadrants used by BMW. The circular design reflects the company’s aviation history, resembling a propeller in motion. It conveys precision engineering and a sense of movement and progress.

12.              Volkswagen



Another car manufacturer with a circular logo is Volkswagen. Its initials “V” and “W” are enclosed inside a circle. The circle represents unity and inclusiveness, and the simplicity of the logo reinforces Volkswagen’s commitment to producing reliable and accessible vehicles.

13.              Mercedes-Benz



Mercedes-Benz’s three-pointed star within a circle has to be one of the most recognizable circular logos of all time. The star symbolizes the company’s domination of land, sea, and air transport. The encompassing circle conveys unity and completeness, enhancing Mercedes-Benz’s brand as luxurious and versatile.

Retail and beverages

Circular logos have been making their mark in the retail and beverages industry as much as they did in the others. Here are some of the round visuals that will be remembered for ages.

14.              Target



Target’s bullseye is the most recognizable red circle logo in the world. The retail giant’s logo symbolizes precision, focus, and the idea of being at the center of value and quality. It makes the brand easily recognizable and memorable.

15.              Starbucks



We all love the mermaid encased in a green circle, which Starbucks uses as its logo to reinforce the idea of global presence and connection. It mirrors the company’s status as a welcoming and consistent global coffeehouse chain.

16.              Pepsi



Pepsi has divided its circular logo into red, white, and blue wave patterns. The design represents global unity and continuity. The dynamic design within reflects the brand’s energetic and modern appeal.

17.              Nescafe




A cup and saucer (coffee cup) icon inside a circle is the most apt logo for a coffee seller. Nescafe’s circle logo emphasizes warmth and comfort, aligning with the cozy, inviting feeling associated with a cup of coffee.

Financial Services

Financial services have also benefited from the aesthetic impact of circle logos.

18.              Mastercard




Mastercard’s two interlocking red and yellow circles symbolize connectivity and the merging of different systems and networks, highlighting Mastercard’s role in facilitating seamless transactions.

Sports, media, and entertainment

The importance and use of round logos in the media and entertainment industry cannot be overlooked. Look at how some brands have created lasting impacts.

19.              Olympics



The quadrennial sporting spectacle has five interlocked rings with an infinite legacy attached to the logo. The rings symbolize the unity of the five inhabited continents and the meeting of athletes worldwide. The circle form signifies harmony and the Olympic spirit of global cooperation and competition.

20.              CBS



The CBS logo has an eye inside a circle, making it a recognizable black circle logo. The circular eye suggests vision and focus, aligning with CBS’s mission to be a leading provider of news and entertainment, offering a watchful and insightful perspective.

21.              Spotify



A permanent icon on our smartphones is Spotify’s green circle with curved lines symbolizing sound waves. The circle design conveys inclusiveness and continuity, enhancing Spotify’s brand as a seamless, boundless music streaming service.


Let’s have a look at some of the circle logos in the telecommunication sector to know about their impact.

22.              AT&T




A globe-like circle with horizontal stripes represents AT&T as a leader in global connectivity and communication. It highlights the company’s role in connecting people and technology worldwide.

23.              Vodafone




With a speech mark enclosed in a circle, Vodafone’s logo gives away a sense of conversation and interaction, aligning with the company’s focus on communication and connectivity.


When talking about the incorporation of circle logos, let’s not forget the airline industry. A few of its famous logos include:

24.              Lufthansa



Lufthansa, the German airline, has a crane within a circle. It symbolizes global reach and reliability, aligning with Lufthansa’s reputation as a premium international airline.

25.              Japan Airlines (JAL)




The JAL logo, known as the “Tsuru” or “crane logo,” features a stylized red-crowned crane in a circular red frame. In Japanese culture, the red-crowned crane is a revered bird, often associated with longevity, good fortune, and fidelity. It is also a symbol of loyalty and strength. The crane’s inclusion in the logo reflects JAL’s commitment to these values and honors Japan’s rich cultural heritage.

26.              Turkish Airlines



The Turkish Airlines logo features a white wild goose in flight within a red circular frame. The wild goose represents freedom, aspiration, and the ability to travel great distances, reflecting Turkish Airlines’ identity as an international carrier. The goose in flight conveys a sense of motion and adventure, aligning with the airline’s commitment to connecting people.


Where fashion has taken center stage every time, it also dominates the world of circle logos. Here are some fashion brand logos that have taken over the minds of consumers for years.

27.              Chanel



Chanel has to be the most famous fashion and clothing brand with a circle logo. Its interlocking double “C”s (Coco Chanel) within a circle symbolizes the unity and timeless elegance of the brand. The circular shape frames the logo, adding a sense of completeness and sophistication, which resonates with Chanel’s identity as a luxury fashion house known for its classic and enduring style.

28.              Gucci




Another designer brand with a circle logo is Gucci. It places the initials double “G”s (Guccio Gucci) within a circular badge. The circular form encapsulates the double G’s, suggesting continuity and prestige. The design emphasizes luxury and exclusivity, reinforcing Gucci’s status as a high-end fashion brand that blends tradition with modernity.

29.              Versace



The head of Medusa encased in a circular Greek meander pattern is Versace’s logo to depict power, allure, and classical beauty. The circular framing enhances Versace’s identity as a brand that merges ancient mythology with contemporary fashion, emphasizing opulence and timeless style.


These famous circle logos are just a few examples of how the shape can be a powerful and versatile brand representation. By harnessing the circle’s inherent symbolism, brands can create logos that are both memorable and meaningful, effectively enhancing their brand identity.

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