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“As soon as I accessed their website, the first thing that caught my attention was the logo right at the top of the homepage. A striking design with a subtle combination of colors, words, simplicity, and intensity. Even though it has been years since I saw that logo, the special thing is that I still remember it and the products the brand provides. I believe this will be one of the most important logo features in the years to come.”    

These precious words from one of the loyal customers of PNC Logos indicate that logo design trends for upcoming years will encompass a unique combination of several different features.

The excitement of the new year is one of the best parts of the holiday season. As digital enthusiasts, one of our favorite activities is keeping tabs on the logo design trends that are likely to be most prominent next year.

Keeping up with the yearly shifts in logo design can be challenging. You need to be aware of the most recent ones and other graphic design trends so that you can draw inspiration from them and use some of their components in designing a logo for your digital brand.

Let’s talk about some of the most important logo design trends that you need to keep an eye on in 2023:

1. The Simpler Minimalist Designs

The design principle of “less is more” will prevail in logo design in 2023. If your brand can be understood at a glance, it can be a powerful tool in attracting new customers. Customers may not always be interested in deciphering the hidden meanings behind a brand’s communications. One way to achieve this minimalist design is by taking advantage of platforms such as Freepik, which offers a vast library of easy-to-use templates and artwork, allowing businesses to create visually appealing designs quickly and easily.

Companies like Apple, Nike, and Uber have basic logo designs that convey a lot about the products and services they offer. Such logos can serve as inspiration for creating symbols with minimalist designs that effectively communicate your brand values.

Minimalist logo designs of renowned brands (Source: Tailor Brands)

2. The 3D-Gradient Design

A gradient design, in its most basic form, is a design element that emphasizes on the contrast of colors and creates an unexpected visual effect by blending colors.

Gradients offer an extra flair to your design, enhancing the other elements of your business logo. The added dimensions make the objects stand out by adding depth to the overall design. These logos are a sure-shot way to communicate an emotion or idea that perfectly represents your company’s values. Moreover, as the designers are free to play around with shades and build quick logo designs with gradients, the spectrum of possible color combinations and tonalities is practically endless.

Designers are increasingly using color gradients to showcase the brand’s originality and make a strong impression on customers.

The use of gradients in the logos of Sony Ericsson and Superman has garnered a lot of attention. This shows that gradients with colors attract attention in print and digital formats, standing out in any setting.

Superman and Sony Ericsson’s brilliant 3D-gradient design logos (Source: Pixellogo)

Therefore, it makes sense that this fad will gain steam in the next year. Colors and gradients can be used by businesses in the retail, software, and cloud computing sectors to convey the value they provide to customers. It’s smart to also bring interest to the brand’s message through unique, colorful logos.

3. Layered Geometric Patterns

Logos that consist of multiple layers will grow in popularity in 2023. Classic logos are getting modern updates as designers experiment with geometric shapes and fonts.

Keep an eye out for new geometric patterns in logo design in 2023. Brand recognition can be improved by including a symbol, initials, or brand name with it. Combining angular shapes with more delicate ones, like lines or stripes, can make even the most intricate geometric shapes, like a hexagon, more visually appealing.

Some examples of this are the Google Drive, Layerneer, and the HSBC logo. The use of strong geometric forms and patterns has been used to depict a sense of dependability and trustworthiness

Logos of Google Drive and Layerneer depict a perfectly layered geometric design (Source: Designerly)

This trend is growing in popularity and will continue to do so in the years to come. Use the shapes in unique ways with text, or combine them with white space or symbols for a memorable brand logo. Any business, whether belonging to the IT industry, the financial sector, the sports world, or the medical field, can benefit from using geometric forms in their logos to convey a meaningful tale or message.

4. The’ Blurred’ Logo Design

In 2023, designers will put less emphasis on legibility as they play with blur effects to highlight motion and fluidity.

You can blur only the letters’ borders, leaving the word’s main body legible. Alternatively, you can provide the reader with a complete picture of your brand recognition by including a published form of the brand name alongside the blurred logo.

Adding motion to your blurred logo is a great idea, and the blur effect will make it more memorable and captivating. People may remember the logo due to the vanishing effect. Parts of the company name, including forms, icons, lines, and text, can be blurred to create a unique logo.

A captivating blurred logo (Source: Dezeen Awards)

With this ‘blurring’ effect, even a small business can leave a long-lasting impression on the viewers. It can make your logo stand out and attract new customers.

In 2023, marketers may use a vanishing effect on their images or symbols to attract consumers’ attention. Logos related to fields like technology, computers, gaming, and entertainment can also benefit from the use of disappearing text or objects to enhance their visual appeal.

5. Retro Imagery in Logos is Here To Stay

Although simple and sleek logos are predicted to be popular, you should also consider using vintage-inspired designs or illustrations for your brand. It’s realistically possible that these won’t change much over the next few years. Many companies leverage retro imaging in their logo designs to impart a positive impression on their potential customers and evoke emotions of fondness and familiarity. Brands in the hospitality business, the building trade, agriculture, and manufacturing can all benefit from using retro and antique imagery

Vintage retro logo designs (Source: 99designs)

Since these logos can develop a memorable bond with customers, the trend will most likely continue. Logos with throwback designs can help get customers’ attention online. The layout might be one that people can easily remember and use again in the future.

6.  Twisted Typography Designs

Twisted typography is yet another style that will probably be standard next year. Word markings and letter marks featuring objects, lines, or waves will be prevalent in logos of many different digital brands.

Brands in the fields of beauty, media, and tech are increasingly opting for designs centered on typography as a means of conveying their core beliefs to consumers. These logos are also useful in the early stages of building brand identity and awareness.

People are more likely to memorize the brand name when using unique fonts. The word marking or initials may be remembered for longer if they are rendered in a monochromatic or two-color palette. It’s a style that might rule the field of graphic design for a long time.

Coca Cola is one of the finest examples of twisted typographic logo design (Source: Creative Bloq)

There are two distinct types of typographic logos, one in which the typography dominates the visual elements and gives the logo an emblematic form, and another in which the text is embedded within the visual elements.

These logos are great examples of how text and visuals complement one another. Unlike other logos, where titles can be written independently of an image, this type of design relies heavily on the accompanying text.

7.  B&W Logo Designs

Black and white (or B&W) is the most effective color combination for attracting viewers’ attention to logo designs. There’s no sign that these hues will ever go out of fashion together. While 2022’s design trends have enthusiastically embraced complementary color schemes, the timeless beauty of black and white hasn’t been forgotten yet.

The American Broadcasting Company (ABC), the automotive giant Lexus, and the shoe brand DC all have striking combination of black and white colors.

Unique B&W logo designs of famous brands (Source: Fabrik Brands)

This pairing of B&W echoes the understated elegance of a logo. While designers always produce a black-and-white version of a logo alongside the final color version, it’s not uncommon for the monochrome logo to convey the brand’s identity more effectively.

Parting Thoughts

From simple minimalist designs to twisted geometrical shapes and blurred logos, 2023 holds plenty in store for businesses looking forward to revamping their brand logos in the following year. It may be challenging to decide on a professional logo design for your business due to the various types of designs trending in the digital world. So embark on your logo-designing journey today to represent your business in a unique and timeless manner!

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