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When it comes to creating a brand and making it successful, it takes a lot more than just a good logo and a sleek designed website. The ability to maintain a visually pleasing and consistent brand image across your social media presence is a tough task, but during the current digital scope of the marketing world, it has become essential. Social media has become a gateway into brand building.

According to a recent survey by Sprout Social, 7 out of 10 respondents said that they follow a certain brand/business on social media because they are interested in their products or services.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Snapchat are not just mere channels for your social media marketing needs but they have become the first step of your sales funnel. The feeds of these social media platforms are a medium for sales pitches.
In order to win at social media branding, not only do you have to be present on social media but also learn to polish your profiles to make a lasting impression on whoever is visiting them.
We’ve gathered some tips that would definitely help you to create branded content that would help you win at social media branding:

Be Consistent With The Major Branding Factors

The profile picture and the handle of the social media account are one of the major branding factors that help create consistency across the brand.
Find a username for your social media accounts that is available across all social media channels. This would help your customers find you across different social media platforms easily and create a consistent image of the brand.
Your profile pictures across different social media platforms should be the same. This would help your visitors recognize your brand from the profile picture. Not only the profile picture has to be the same but it has to be optimized for different social media channels. For example, Facebook and Instagram use different dimensions for the profile picture and it has to be optimized.

As shown above, Sophie and Trey apply this perfectly on their Instagram account and the logo of the company fits perfectly as the profile picture. They have the consistency across all their social media channels that helps create a strong brand personality and image.

Event with the Facebook profile picture, the consistent tones of branding are used that help create a strong social media branding image.

Use A Consistent Color Palette & Fonts

Consistency is essential if you want your brand to be easily identified. The brand consistency goes beyond the consistency of the logo usage but it also extends to the colors that the brand uses across their social media.
The brands should have a consistent color scheme across all of their social media platforms to the point where the people can easily recognize their brand by those colors with or without the brand logo being present.
Sticking to a consistent color scheme and fonts for your brand is crucial if you are aiming to win at social media branding. The colors of the logo are the anchor for setting your color palette. You can use the shades or colors that complement the colors of your logo and set the aesthetic tone for your brand.

White duck outdoors sticks to the consistent background of white behind their logo and creates a great aesthetically pleasing look.

If you notice their Twitter account, the consistency is followed their as well and the logo colour of green is used as a font accent.

Develop A Social Media Voice

The personality of the brand should be represented by the voice and the tones being used in its social media posts. The way that you brand communicates with the audience in the Tweets, Posts or Snaps should have the brand’s distinct elements. This should revolve around three elements:

The company culture:

The culture at your company is what you stand for, what the company is about and what makes your company stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The audience:

The way you communicate should also revolve around who your audience is. If your business is catering to a younger audience, your company should be aware of what the popular lingo is across that age group and apply that in your social media presence.


Whatever your company represents should be made clear across the language used in your social media. Trying to fit in usually backfires and creates an aura of mistrust as you are misrepresenting yourself on social media.
A mixture of these three elements helps develop a social media voice for your brand.

Be Consistent With Your Content

Enough has been said and written about the importance of content curation. As a brand, you do not have to just create content and put it out there for your audience. The content you create has to offer value to your audience and it has to resonate with them. Curating content can certainly help you build a strong brand image.
If you are a clothing store owner, your content should revolve around the clothing industry. You can develop content based on your most popular products and tips and tricks about what to wear and what not to wear according to the occasions and the weather.
There are numerous possibilities to curate content that revolves around what your brand offers to the consumers and there are several examples of such brands.
So Worth Loving’s social media is full of such examples and the content that they produce resonates with their audience:

The brand revolves around uplifting other people and telling them that they are worth loving. So the content is curated around the values that the brand represents.

Post Frequently

Posting frequently is another important aspect of building your brand. Staying in touch with your consumers and customers is vital in the social media world. Whether it is the company news that you are sharing or a product post or a random event related post, posting frequently on social media is required in these times.
The frequency of posting content varies from platform to platform but you don’t necessarily have to be present across all available social media platforms.

Wrapping It Up

There are various myths surrounding the social media branding and you should not pay heed to them.
Opinions like social media can make you popular overnight should not be paid attention to. Use social media as a tool to build your audience instead of trying to go ‘viral’ overnight. It would hurt your brand more than it would do well.
Secondly, you don’t have to present on every single social media platform. Choose the best platforms according to your business needs and the audience that the platform is popular with. Social media branding doesn’t have to start with hundreds of thousands of followers. You have to be consistent and brand right from the start.
The size or the quantity of the following you have does not matter as long as you are building a loyal audience. We hope that the tips provided above help you win at social media branding!

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