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The digital scope of the world is changing with time and the industries world-wide are moving their business to the digital landscape. Moving the marketing campaigns online implies that you should have great landing pages to provide value to your consumers.

A landing page is an essential part of the conversion funnel and helps drive the traffic towards the next steps of the conversion funnel. A purpose-built landing page is necessary to entice the visitors who are visiting your website. In this article, we will talk about 5 tips for designing a landing page that converts. By convert, we mean a landing page that helps you achieve your objectives, whether it is sales or getting a visitor sign up on your email.

Provide Valuable & Discreet Content

The content on your landing page should be curated in a way that it provides value to the visitors as well as portrays your unique value proposition in the best possible way. The content that you curate on your landing page depends on the type of product or service that you are promoting.

An average user spends about 8 seconds on a page so bear in mind that you have just 8 seconds to make a lasting impression on your visitor so the content has to be curated in a highly effective way.

The heading of your content is the first thing that the customers see on your landing page. The heading should include what the visitors expect to get out of the landing page. This should be followed up by a sub-heading that further explains the value offered in the heading. The sub-heading should always compliment the heading in a way that it adds to the value offered by the heading on your landing page.

The sub-heading should be followed up by an effective call to action! One of our favorite landing pages is by Netflix which follows the tips that we have provided above. The call to action is unique and offers incentive to the visitor to sign up.

Use Visual Content

Visual content, including pictures, and videos, is an essential element of any landing page. Our brain is designed to process images 60,000 times faster than text. It is a no-brainer to include visuals in your landing page design as the visitors will be influenced by the visual content that you have displayed on your landing page.

When you’re placing visual content on your landing page, make sure that the quality of the content should be exceptional. It should be relevant to your product or service. If you are selling a physical product, make sure that you include pictures/videos of the product itself. If you’re selling a service, putting up an explainer video about the service is a great way to grab your audience’s attention.

A great implementation of the above mentioned tips is executed by Home Chef. The landing page design is sleek and it includes the right content to grab the visitor attention. It also includes a video that explains what the business is about. This is an amazing way to gain your audience’s attention and retain them on your website. Many people would form the image of your brand through your landing page and it seems only right to create the landing page in the best way possible by following the tips that we are providing.

We’re not done yet! Keep scrolling, there are more tips to come.

Create A Sleek & Appealing Design

A good landing page has to be designed in an appealing way. Remember when we said that you have just 8 seconds to grab your customer’s attention? The first thing they would notice about your landing page is the design.

The landing pages are going to create an impression of your brand or business and you’d want it to represent your business in the best possible way. Avoid distracting your visitors by adding redundant visual elements. Include plenty of white space that keeps your visitor’s attention focused on your product/service and the call to action.

Creating a good design is essential but you have to keep a track of whether or not the design increases your site load time.

Another thing that you should consider while designing your landing page is the eye movement of the user. The visitor’s eye should move in such a manner that is leads to achieving your desired results from the landing page.
Blue Apron does it perfectly. There is plenty of white space, the design is clutter free and the content including the CTA is clear and attractive.

Remove The Navigations

Although this is not practiced very commonly and is a little unorthodox but your landing page should have minimum options for the visitor to navigate away from it. Placing a top menu or a navigation bar makes sense but it gives the opportunity to the visitors to move away from the your landing page.

The presence of the usual navigation also creates a visual distraction for the visitor and this is certainly not what you want for them. The Farmer’s Dog does it the best and provides a great conversion centric landing page design.

Notice how the removal of the usual boring navigation makes the landing page much more attractive.

Use Contrasting Colours

When you’re creating a landing page, the foremost thing on your mind is that your call to action button should really pop out! Whether you’re encouraging the visitors to sign up to your email list or trying to get them to visit your shop, the call to action button should be designed and placed in a way that the visitors can easily access it and take action on it. This is the primary reason why the call to action buttons should be in contrasting colors.

Take a look at the following landing page as an example. The page is designed in grey and white hues but the call to action button is in a bright pink. This immediately brings your attention to the call to action button and increases the chances of the user taking the desired action. The time is short when we talk about grabbing the user’s attention and this is one of the best ways to do it.

Wrapping It Up

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading our tips for designing a landing page that converts and these tips would surely help you out in creating the landing pages for your business.

Do let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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