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Call to Action or CTA buttons are the buttons that you use on your website to guide the visitor towards your goal conversion. Call to action buttons are the part of the landing pages that the users need to click in order for them to take a certain action. Most CTA buttons are very goal oriented and the goal is to make the user click and then complete the conversion. The conversion may or may not be in the form of a purchase, email capture or a sign up.

Most commonly used call to action buttons are:

1- Add to cart buttons
2- Free trial sign up buttons
3- Download buttons
4- Email capture buttons

The best call to action buttons often come with a combination of various factors including word-play, the device on which the CTA is being displayed, fear of missing out and the reason why your website visitor should take the desired action.

Let’s get right to the tips that would help you in creating effective call-to-action buttons:

Use Strong Command Verbs

The type of language that you use plays a very important role in the call to action buttons. You have to be clear and concise with your CTA for the reason that there isn’t a ton of space available in the buttons. You have to let your audience know what action you want them to take and there’s no messing around with that.

If you’re running an ecommerce website, your CTA buttons should include words like “SHOP”, “BUY” or “ORDER”. This gives out specific instructions to the visitor about the result of the action that they take on that button. If you want your visitors to sign up to your newsletter, your CTA buttons should start with words like “DOWNLOAD” or “SUBSCRIBE”. If you want your visitors to get more information about your brand or business, the CTA buttons should include words like “FILL OUT THIS FORM” or “FIND OUT HOW”.

Using such words/phrases to give out specific instructions to your visitors is a must. The call to action should be direct and encourage the user to perform the action. For example, if you want your users to sign up to your newsletter using the words “Our latest newspaper is available” would not be as effective as “Subscribe to our newsletter today”.

The second word-play puts out a strong and direct message to the user. Good Call to action button examples would include something like this from OfficeVibe. Simple, effective and offering an incentive.

Source: officevibe

Provoke Emotion/Enthusiasm

When you’re putting a CTA button out there, you want to invoke a strong response in your audience/visitors. If your CTA is enthusiastic, your audience will be, too. An example would be “ORDER NOW AND GET 50% OFF!”

Not only are you offering a huge discount to your visitors but also provoking them to make a purchase. This excites the visitor with the notion of getting a discount while shopping.

A great example of this is by Aquaspresso. The CTA says “SEND ME SPECIALS NOW!”

The immediate customer reaction after reading this would be “I want the specials!”


Give The Audience A Reason To Take The Desired Action

If you take a look at your website from a visitor’s perspective, why would you engage with a specific CTA button?

Creating a unique selling point and a call to action combination is a perfect way to engage your visitors into taking the desired action. For example, for a website that offers medical consultations, “CALL NOW FOR A FREE CONSULTATION” would be a perfect CTA button. You’ve stated your desire to be called now and have offered a free consultation to the visitor too.

Another great example of a good call to action is implemented by Netflix on their website: “JOIN FREE FOR A MONTH”. They state their desire to make you join their service but also incentivize it by offering free service for a month.


Invoke Fomo

Fear of missing out aka FOMO is one of important elements of human psychology. When people think that they might lose the opportunity and that it might not come around later, they are more likely to hop on the bandwagon.

A key tactic in this would be to offer an instant discount or a sale that wouldn’t come around too often. Most of us receive marketing emails with discount or sale offers for a limited time and they’re hard to ignore. When there’s a limited time opportunity or a sale, it prompts the audience to take the action right away. As a result, the store gets more visits and conversions.

A great implementation of the above is being done by River Island. They offer 5% discount to the people upon redeeming the offer. These offers are usually followed by an email with the promo code and nothing else.


Optimize For Devices

Creating an amazing CTA is important, but with recent trends shifting in the favor of mobile users, more work needs to be put in.

Desktop and mobile users have different user behaviors where mobile searches are more inclined towards user intent instead of direct search terms. Users searching on the mobile devices are usually looking for instant fulfillment and are highly likely to take an action within the next few hours. Phone call centric CTA buttons for mobile devices can be the key to generate more leads and sales.

One of the examples is used by Buzzfeed for their social sharing CTA buttons. The buttons stick to the page while the reader scrolls through the website. If the reader likes the article, he can easily share the article across their social media profiles and give the website social signals. This would help boost the page rankings.


Be Creative

It doesn’t hurt to be a little creative sometimes. Test out your CTAs and check which CTA buttons give you a better CTR and which ones are ignored by your website visitors. There’s this thing about marketing; you never really know what would work unless you try and test it out. So get your creative juices flowing and pour in ideas and word play.

Your audience may not respond well with what you think is a sure-fire CTA button but they might respond to something that you were not so sure about.

Something out of the box that has been implemented by Huemor is shown below. The CTA button reads “DO NOT PRESS”.

Human reverse psychology comes into play as soon as you read this text and it would most definitely make you want to press the button and see what it does. Isn’t it why we are all here? You all know the Adam and the forbidden fruit story.


Design The Buttons

The way your CTA buttons are designed is also extremely important for making your website a conversion hub. There are numerous factors that come into play when you’re designing your CTA buttons. The buttons should be above the fold, as it makes sense to place the most important buttons above the fold. Surround the CTA buttons with white space as it brings the user concentration to the button itself and creates more chances for the user to take an action.

The colors of the CTA button are also important. Lighter backgrounds should have a darker CTA button and vice versa. You should always surround your CTA button with a border or a frame to make sure that it doesn’t blend in the background.

A great implementation of the above is done by Full Bundle:



Test and trial are the most important factors when it comes to your website or the landing page. Call to action buttons are an important element of your website, and play a significant role in the way your website will perform in terms of conversion. You can try implementing what you’ve learned in this post on your websites and see what works the best for you. Remember: be creative, be innovative, and be direct.

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