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**Due to COVID-19 virus, turn-around time may be longer than usual.
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Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Google; do you know what is common among these companies? All of them started with just a garage for their entire operations! As we know, now these companies have grown and evolved into industry behemoths and dominate their respective industries.

We all know the value and importance of the small business industry. In the United States, small businesses make up 46% of private-sector output and 43% of high-tech employment. Especially in the digital industry, if not for startups, the industry wouldn’t be as evolved as it is today.

PNC Logos’ Startup Empowerment Program

PNC Logos specializes in design, development and ecommerce solutions; primarily a tech entity. Fully understanding the plight of up and coming entrepreneurs who have brilliant ideas for a startup but insufficient resources to do so successfully, we have launched a startup empowerment program that gives startups the tools required to set up a digital brand identity.

The main purpose for launching this program was to foster a spirit of innovation and show support to startups and small businesses. Obviously, this program is selective in nature and only the 10 best startups will be selected based on the potential of their respective business ideas.

A Plethora of Branding Services

Coming to the details of PNC Logos’ startup empowerment program, the aforementioned ten winners will benefit from PNC Logos’ design prowess. The design team will assist with the following components of brand identity:

1) Corporate Logo

A logo is the face of a brand as well as its most recognizable element. PNC Logos has years of experience creating logos for businesses from a myriad of different industries. Premium logo designs can cost a company a pretty penny and startups will definitely appreciate this cost saving.

2) Business Cards

Business cards are probably one of the most exchanged forms of marketing collateral. Business branding is simply incomplete without a business card design. The design team at PNC Logos has years of experience of branding and business card designs.

3) Package Design

For a company with tangible products, packaging has a big impact on how you communicate with your target audience. A unique and recognizable packaging design will make businesses stand out from competitors.

4) Letterhead Design

Business letterheads are used in both internal and external communication. Established companies spend quite a lot on branded letterhead designs as it has an impact on brand identity.

5) Envelope Design

Similar to letterheads, business envelopes have the same impact brand identity. If branded the right way, envelope design could communicate a lot about the way a company brands itself.

6) Social Media Cover

Social media platforms are a very popular marketing platform. Design and branding has a huge role to play on highly visual platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. PNC Logos will design branded social media covers for selected startups.

Giving Back to the Community

Starting off from humble beginnings, the team at PNC Logos believes that it should support small businesses and startups so that they have the chance to make it big as well. This in turn helps the overall industry grow and increase its pool of groundbreaking ideas. Unlike venture capitalists, PNC Logos’ startup empowerment program equips startups with the right digital tools to launch their business to the next level.

The details of PNC Logos’ startup empowerment can be found here. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to provide their business ideas in the most detailed way possible so as to stand a better chance of getting selected as one of the winners and receiving free branding services courtesy of PNC Logos.

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