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The Importance of Logos in the Next Search Revolution

Nearly every brand in the world has the same purpose i.e. of increasing brand recognition and recall and every other marketing and branding tool was geared to specifically works as a means to an end towards that very purpose, but, in this fast-paced world, nothing is static, not even this age-old branding purpose kit.

The internet took the world by storm but Google came forward like Noah’s flood, encapsulating everything in its path. The iconic search box became the place where we went whenever we wanted to know about anything. Everything became “Googleable” and a search frenzy started. Marketers saw an opportunity in this mind blowing phenomenon and this gave birth to the SEO era. Optimizing your brand for keywords and putting and pulling as many reference links to your side as possible was seen as the top priority for brands across every industry, but all of that is in for a very big change as we move ahead into the new era of Search Revolution, powered by Google.

Google Lens, a pioneering technology, has been launched as a feature of Google Assistant for Android and iOS phones, and this very technology will be the heartbeat of the next big revolution in Search.

Just imagine that if you could install Google directly on to your own retinas and whatever you see, you could get any type of information on it, but that’s not just imagination, that’s actually happened with Google Lens. This new feature will allow you to point your smartphone’s camera at anything and Voila! Google comes up with the answers. Point your phone at the restaurant in front of you and Google instantaneously comes up with the reviews, point it at an animal and Google will return with much more information regarding the creature than you’ll ever need. That’s Google Lens for you, an extension of your own human instinct, carried on forward from your childhood. Remember the time when you were young and you used to ask “What’s that?” and a reply came, Google lens will work on the same lines, but this time you’ll be surer of the answers you get.

But will this new innovation bring a drastic turnaround in the field of branding? Yes, it certainly will, but nowhere will it be as important as in the domain of logos.

Logos define your business and portray your brand’s image and vision to the onlooker, but that conventional purpose for a logo will undergo a big upheaval with the introduction of technologies like Google Lens. Yes, Google Lens allows you to get information on something by just pointing your smartphone’s camera at it, but what will make you ponder your camera to that specific point or in simpler terms, how to get the user to search more about the brand? The answer is, through your Logos.

Logos used to have a lesser role in the branding domain as compared to its peers but from now onwards, it’s your logo that will make people know more about your brand and the importance of getting a good enough logo for your brand will acquire a new meaning.

A brilliant logo will make people want to know more about it and their smartphones will help them in a blink with this task, but mediocre logos will definitely be ignored. Brands with badly designed logos and with this that are not that aesthetically pleasing, will definitely miss a major chunk of interest that could have come their way, had they had a better logo.

This might sound quite a far-fetched scenario or to seem it might not even seem plausible, but technology has a funny way of surprising us. Who would have that the world will go gaga over an app, that automatically deletes your pictures and videos after 24 hours aka Snapchat? Was there anyone who could have predicted that of all products and industries in the world, an internet search engine would become the most valuable firm in the world? Xerox didn’t see the rise of the printers and lost out, while Kodak met the same fate when it too became delusional and didn’t think much of the imminent smartphone revolution in its tow. Preparing won’t leave you worse but not doing enough has the chances of making your brand’s ship sink and never re-emerge again. Getting a new logo for your brand might sound like something inconsequential for this type of a reason, but for the foresight, anyone thinking on these lines will stand a significantly less chance of growing forward in the upcoming era.

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