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site portfolio images site portfolio images
site portfolio images



checkbox Informative Website design and development
checkbox Ecommerce website design and developement
checkbox Branding (Product labels & Packing design)
checkbox Magazine designs
checkbox Brochure designs
checkbox Informative Website design and development




The challenge put forward by KIDFIT STRONG Momentum required a unique set of skills to achieve the branding, packaging designs, and web development goals of the project. Branding work on the website entailed the creative skills of designers, whereas setting up the ecommerce and informative content domains demanded top-notch web development competencies. The company wanted to create a place where they could display their nutritional products without wanting the user to purchase them for now but in the near future.


PNC Logos initiated this challenge by engaging our web development experts to create the ecommerce and informative content domains. Our innovative designers utilized their out-of-the-box thinking to craft a superb logo that carries the brand values of KIDFITSTRONG Momentum. The designers also furnished attractive designs for product packaging.

The PNC Logos strategy for this project can be categorized into a three-step plan:

1. Developing & Managing their Websites

The first step of our strategy involved the creation of two separate domains. The first domain consisted of the ecommerce functionality and company’s products were displayed into four distinct categories: Hydration, Nutrition, Recovery and Swag. A virtual fundraising program option was also incorporated in the ecommerce website. PNC Logos also monitored regular updates to the company’s products and categories.

Another domain was created to post informative content for website audience. This website is used to display all information related to current and future events.

2. Branding

The next step of the plan was to engage our artistic designers and craft a stunning logo for the KIDFITSTRONG Momentum. Event magazine was also a crucial part of the design phase as our skilled designers ensured that the previous, running and upcoming events were displayed emphatically for the online audience.


3. Product Packaging Design

The final step involved the packaging design of products belonging to the Hydration, Nutrition, Recovery and Swag categories.


The creative designers at PNC Logos employed a unique combination of colors, fonts and packaging content to craft striking packaging designs. The client was happy and satisfied with the packaging designs in the first go.



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