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Since man began understanding things, he has been mired in his endless endeavor to make them simpler. Easy enough to be comprehended by anyone. The school of minimalism in logo design inspiration is not new, with its dignified proponents being found in every professional field of the world. Every artist, painter, sculptor or designer thrives on the concept of expressive conservatism. When things which are unfathomable, retreat onto a shortened version of their previous self, obtaining a new entity altogether, the results are always spectacular to see.

Edvard Munch expressing the depressive mood of the dusky evening, an embodiment of the seamless transition of day into night in his painting “The Scream”, was an example of minimalism, of how whole scenes can acquire a voice, by leaving out distractions. Galileo peering out into the abyss of the universe, simplifying the notion of how heavenly bodies move, putting to rest the confusion man faced while comprehending the vastness of space. It was an act in simplicity, a perfection of focusing on only what is important, reducing the visual noise, the blackness of space posed. Minimalism isn’t just about keeping it simple, Its not that easy. It has its own complexity, leaving things out is even more difficult than adding things up, with the emphasis being on what the reduction would help highlight. Its not different when it comes to logos. The best ones are intricately minimal, toned down to make them reflect what the business does. Logo, simply speaking, is a design that should suffice for all the things that a company is made up of, Visions, structure, ideology, core values, USP, focus and the impression it wants to build are the components of a logo. Accomplishing that is an art of its own. Here are some of the reasons why minimalism in logo design inspiration, should the effective policy behind every corporate logo design process in 2016.

Logos as a portal into the company:

Spilling everything at the first meeting, invariably translates into lost interest. Something has to be held back, a trigger has to be implanted subliminally which would inspire the viewer into the action of learning more. A logo should be a small window, a sneak peek into your mode of operations as a business unit. It should serve as a transparent facade, just about hiding what goes on beneath, but showing enough to generate interest. A logo should be more akin to the modern day “Selfie” concept, where no pose or artificial element is required, just a simple focus on whats there at that very moment.

A process of owning it:

It shows in your logo how much interest went into its design. Kleenex, the quintessential leader in paper based cleaning product had their logo match their ideology and products ingeniously, the ongoing connective words signifying the “Swipe”, a function of nearly all of its products. Its ideology was so dear when it came to representation that an altogether new font was created just to accommodate the artist’s idea of a continued swipe. The most identical font available that comes close to matching the font used is Montauk Pro Bold Font.

Mind it when splashing it:

Our mind is wired to react to selective attention. Too much and its too burdensome on the brain, it loses its focus and redirects itself to something more visually less demanding. In a poll by Playtime booth, blue came out on top, as the most favorite color of people, daylight second and then followed purple. Just remember, logos are used almost everywhere by brands, their color, whatever you are meaning it to signify should be a consistent one, keeping in mind all the places that logo could have an impact on. One prominent example is of the Logistics brand UPS, a brown predominates their logo meant to symbolize soil and logistical prowess.

Adequate trends shouldn’t serve as a palette where you choose a color for your logo, think of every aspect, in every context before zeroing in a color.

Resolves dormancy

The worst impression a logo can give is of being “Stopped”, it symbolizes that your company doesn’t have anything else left to tell or sell and it gives off a vibe that the effort gone into finding logo design inspiration wasn’t up to the mark.. Evolution is an inbuilt mechanism of nature, without it, nothing survives. Adaptability must be one of the core competencies of a logo.

When adding a new acquisition into your business, instead of adding a circle, a circle must be reduced onto your logo. In the reduction of boundaries are new territories included.

“When the Prototype of Ipod was shown to Steve Jobs, He viewed it and told them to reduce its size even more. The Engineers told him that it was the most compact size possible and no further space was left where the size could be toned down. Steve threw the Ipod into an aquarium that was nearby, then pointed to the bubbles that were coming out of the Ipod as it lay at the bottom of the Aquarium, saying that there is space in there to make it even smaller. “

There’s always space to tone things down, all you need is imagination mixed with cleverness to figure out where the bubbles in your logo might be hiding and your logo design inspiration will truly be embodied.

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