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Where and How to Place Your Logos for Maximum Engagement?

Logos are definitely a brand’s first engagement asset and they serve to personify the value, mission and the vision of the brand to the consumer. There has been a lot of talk on the importance of having a good logo designed, the types of colors that can or cannot be used, how to choose a good logo designer and more, but knowing how to leverage your logo to get maximum engagement is as important as having a logo itself in the first place.

Most brands focus entirely on getting their logos made, but the placement is where the logo will reveal its real magic and bring back intensive brand engagement, only if done right. Logos need not be placed aimlessly, anywhere you want them to be, rather, they need to be placed strategically on items that will definitely bring in a lot of cohesive brand engagement. The basic requirement for choosing these carriers or points of interaction is that they need to have maximum chances of exposure with potential consumers and can initiate the stickiness factor. Here are some great items on which you can start out to promote your new logo and garner maximum consumer attention:

Business/Meeting Cards:

Our human eye is just capable of focusing on a very small area due to the conglomeration of receptors in the middle of the retina. This small area is called the fovea. You can have someone’s attention but engagement only begins when the fovea starts moving and nowhere better to make this happen than business cards. When business cards are exchanged and the person you gave it to, gives it a fleeting glance, a logo, with its intricate and colorful design will definitely stand out amongst all the textual information that accompanies it. The fovea stops here and this ensures that the onlooker does hover at least for five to ten seconds on it, which is enough time to create a sense of familiarity.

Promo Items:

The appeal of promo items is timeless and now, with the introduction of even better and more comprehensive array of promo products, there is no dearth of options for brands to choose a suitable platform to promote their business and the best way to do that is by placing your logo on the promo item.

Options like company shirts, pens, mugs, USB pen drives, power banks and much more are available as promo items on which you can place your logo. The main USP of promo items are their usefulness to the receiver and whenever they use your promo item, they are sure to view your logo. No other platform can give you such endearing, multiple views of your logo like promo items. The allure of promo items is great and no one likes to refuse a free, utility item. You can even mass order them and send them out to potential customers or even cover a full range of company’s employee base, allowing you to reach out to a massive audience on a very small financial budget and attain maximum brand visibility.

Social Media:

One of the most important engagement platforms out there, social media has billions of people which translate into billions of engagement opportunities and immense exposure if optimized in the perfect way.

There are a lot of ways to initiate engagement on social due like sharing posts, videos and now you can even go for the ultra-successful “Stories” option on platforms like Snapchat, Instagram & WhatsApp. Your logo placed in between theses engagement hooks, will definitely make the quality of this engagement better and make sure that the visitor on your social media handles, gets to know your brand more. You can even make your logos part of the whole experience, instead of just using them in their pictorial restraint, by using them as a CTA to redirect users to your website from social media.

Logos need not just be there because every brand has them and you don’t need to just place them in a conventional way on the board outside your office, on the top of your office memos or in your email’s signature, just because everyone’s doing exactly the same thing with their logos. It’s important that you ensure that your logo is being pushed as your high priority marketing collateral and is a core part of your branding strategy at each stage, but if your logo isn’t working too great in these capacities, make sure that you go for a logo revamp or a get a new logo made for your brand to continue reaping the maximum engagement benefits that your logo can provide.

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