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Text Logos vs Abstract Logos, What’s the Difference

Now the logo of a company, business or organization is a standing point and face of the company. Having a good logo can gain the company good recognition. Branding is an integral part when starting a company should it be a small-scale or large-scale company. Branding can reach people far and wide and can make your company or brand quite popular. During branding, you will have to make your logo which will be the face of the company and will be seen by people around the world. The two types of Logos are quite popular to use, Text Logos and Abstract Logos. Now, if you have chosen a professional graphic designer to create your logo and help in branding then that can help you make a name for your company and attract more customers. 

The majority of the popular multinational technology companies have iconic logos that make them well known and if anybody sees their logo, they will recognize the brand without any thought. Both Text and Abstract Logos are used by almost all of the big organizations. Now the debate comes when selecting which logo you should choose to represent your company. Both logos can prove beneficial for your company, but you must bear in mind what each logo represents, and which will suit your company best.

What are Text Logos

Text Logos are pretty basic to understand. The logo itself has the name of your company in it and attracts potential customers. Many popular companies like Coca-Cola, NASA, Dell, BBC, etc use Text Logos in which the name of their companies is easily noticeable. Obviously, the logos can be made in different shapes, sizes, and font of the name of your company can be of your choosing in such a way that it is charming to the audience. Now if a brand starts getting popular its logo will stand out more and a text logo’s main purpose is to get immediate recognition. Text Logos are simple in the way they look and how they present themselves to the people. People can easily memorize the name of the brand unless it’s a name that can’t be pronounced easily. The logo portrays the name of the company thus the person doesn’t have to go deep into the meaning of the logo and can just appreciate its powerfulness.

What are Abstract Logos

Talking about abstract Logos, these are totally different from Text Logos. Instead of your company name, a symbol or icon is used to represent your company. Now Abstract Logos tend to attract the customers more as every company has a unique Abstract logo which can deep meaning behind it. Abstract Logos are also used by many popular companies such as Nike, Apple, PlayStation, Microsoft, etc. Abstract Logos make people constantly think of their logo which is not the case with Text Logos. For example, people might constantly try to find out the meaning of the design of why the apple in Apple’s logo has been taken a bit off. Many Abstract Logos have numerous interpretations which can leave the person thinking for quite some time.


In all honesty, both logos are quite different from one another, but their purpose is the same. Both can be used to attract more customers and make more sales. To conclude, which logo is better is not up to us to decide but rather it is upon the person choosing it. The nature of your company can decide which logo better suits it.

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