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You’ve never seen any other logo change the way you have seen Google’s? Google Doodles are the modified Google logos that show up on its homepage to celebrate a holiday, a person or even some event in history. There are times where you yourself wouldn’t know what Google is celebrating but the Doodle will trigger your curiosity and you’ll be compelled to click on it to find out more.

So what exactly is the purpose of the Google Doodles and what does Google get out of it?

Well, the Google Doodle Department shared that the reason behind Google Doodles is twofold.

  • Celebrate Innovation

“The doodles aim to celebrate interesting events and anniversaries around the world that reflect Google’s personality and love of innovation,” is what they said precisely.

Google places immense importance on innovation. They believe their innovativeness is their core competence that has let them conquer the Search Engine Market. Google is constantly coming up with new innovations to enhance customer experience and it has taken long strides from when it first started. It’s no surprise that they celebrate innovation regardless of where and when it came from.

Google Doodles have celebrated everyone from inventors, scientists, artists, musicians and even political figures; anyone whose unique thinking has contributed positively to the world.

With their Doodles, they aim to creatively provide information on some of the world’s most integral discoveries, like DNA, NASA finding water on the moon and the anniversary of flight.

By celebrating the greatest inventions of the world, Google is subtly but very cleverly including itself in the same list, proclaiming that it too is a brilliant invention.

  • Establish and Grow and Emotional Connection with its users

Every company designs strategies to connect with customers on an emotional level but few of companies have gained that sort of dependency from their customers like Google has. The verb “Google” was entered into the Oxford and Merriam-Webster dictionary back in 2006. It’s been so ingrained into our life that few would be able to imagine a life prior to Google and yet Google feels the need to further connect with its users.

Google Doodles provide users a dose of inspiration when they log in, the doodles are a fun way of delivering important messages before users continue their searches. The effort Google puts into bringing a smile to their user’s faces is much appreciated and undoubtedly makes it stand out from its competitors.

Matthew Cruikshank, a designer from Google’s Doodle team believes the reason the Doodles resonate with the users is because they show the “human behind the machine”. He bases this on how the Doodles first started.

The first Doodle was launched way back in 1998 when founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin went to attend the Burning Man festival in Nevada; they altered the logo to show that they were out of the office. The idea caught on and since then Google Doodles have become a distinctive part of Google’s user experience and identity.

Businesses are constantly advised not to change their logo designs unnecessarily because it makes it makes brand recognition difficult but Google has managed to make its Doodles an integral part of its brand identity which shows a unique way.

With Google Doodles, Google continues its mission to providing information universally by using an exciting blend of animations and interactive games that inspire its users and leave an everlasting impression.

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