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When you hear the name of a famous brand, you suddenly associate certain colors with the brand. One of the 4 C’s of Marketing is for Creating, and creating a great logo acts as a great beginning for your business.
McDonalds yellow and red, the multi-colored Google, and the orange and white Soundcloud, for example.

Colors have a very powerful effect on our brains and the colors that you choose for your brand are going to be the key for your brand image a very long time. Color psychology plays a huge role in how humans perceive ideas and things, which makes it one of the most interesting and controversial aspects of marketing.

For example, the color red is often perceived as the color for excitement, boldness and youth in the marketing field. Brands like Coca Cola, Lays and Cannon have opted for their logos to be in these colors. The color gray gives out a peaceful and balanced vibe, and brands like Apple and Honda have their logos in these tones.
Choosing the colors for your brand or business can be a tricky task considering the color psychology behind every color and every color combination. Designers from across the world get their inspirations from various things including natural color palettes. However, mixing up too many colors to create a logo can be confusing. Most big brands across the world stick to one color.

Nobody knows your business better than you, so you should be the one in-charge of setting the logo color schemes. Knowing the tone of your business and maintaining it can go a long way in the creation of your business logo. In this article, we’ve picked out 10 best logo color combinations for you to see
and learn from:

1- Yellow & Red

This bold color combination draws the viewer’s attention to the center of the logo design. The colors help create a sense of energy and playfulness.

DHL and Shell are two of the many companies that stick to these colors when it comes to their business logo. Yellow is one of the colors that are most often used by the automotive and food industries. Both of the above companies are connected to automotive and transport industries, so yellow is a perfect color choice along with red here.

2- Black & Yellow

If you take a look below, the bright yellow smiling monkey emits vibes of energy and fun. The black color is often used as the symbol of authority and mystery. This color combination is great for the entertainment industry, as it portrays excitement and mystery at the same time.

Another variation of these colors is implemented by Caterpillar. Caterpillar is a manufacturer of industrial
machinery and equipment along with the accessories required for industrial operators including shoes and clothes.

Source: https://logojoy.com/blog/logo-color-combinations/

3- Blue and Pink

Baskin Robins uses soft tones of blue and pink in their logo design. The brand is best known for its 31 flavors that it serves to its consumers. The logo is meant to convey fun and energy of the brand as well as the iconic number 31. The number represents the brand’s belief that the customers should be able to have a different flavor for every day of the month.

4-Blue & Green

These colors are perfect for establishing trust and putting the viewers at ease. These colors are majorly used across banking and financial sectors. The internationally renowned chain of banks, Standard Chartered, use the same colors across their brand. The color blue is used to represent stability and the color green represents tranquility. This goes very well with the financial sector that needs to establish customer trust.

Source: https://www.webpagefx.com/logo-colors/

5 – Orange & Purple

FedEx is the first name that comes to your mind when you hear the colors orange and purple. The colors are unique and send out a message of royalty and success. The purple color is associated with wealth and luxury as it was the color that was often donned by the kings and Monarchs. FedEx embodies the same elements as a brand:

6- Purple & Yellow

Where purple represents wealth and success and yellow brings excitement and warmth to the table, these logo colors are of the best combinations that can be used for your logo design. We think one of the best examples of the usage of these colors is done by the logo of the NBA basketball team Los Angeles Lakers.

7-Black & Red

This fierce logo color combination instills a feeling of power and energy among consumers. KFC has successfully used this color combination among their logo design. The red offers excitement as the color is often used in the food industry and the color black adds authority. This goes really well along the brand’s identity of providing quality food.

8- Blue & Turquoise

If you are trying to instill confidence and trust among your customers, these are the colors that you should go after when you’re creating a logo for your business or brand. PayPal uses the same colors in their logo and it goes along with the company values of creating a safe and secure means for transactions.

9- Orange and Blue

The color orange is associated with happiness and creativity. It also inspires enthusiasm. The color blue adds trust. If your brand is fun and exciting and you want to create a trustworthy environment of doing business, these are the colors that you should go for. Fanta uses these colors in their logo as the drink is exciting and is targeted towards the youth.

10- Blue & White

These colors are surely crowd pleasers and establish tranquility and trust among the customers. Volkswagen uses these colors in their logo design, after replacing the black and white logo that the company used in the past.

Wrapping it up

We understand that ‘it depends’ is not the answer you’re looking for when it comes to the logo design for your business. The fact of the matter is that it really depends on multiple factors when you are creating a business logo.
To help you out, we’ve presented the best logo color combinations above that we feel that can be used as good, inspirational examples when time comes for you to create your own.


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