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Sports and religion share a common bond in the fact that both of them tend to boast of a similar level of loyalty towards a single identity. In prehistoric times, there were warriors who fought with each other and sports offer a similar rush of adrenaline, albeit with all the blood and gore, making it even more endearing.

Symbolism is a big part of sports and none of it makes opposing teams more recognizable than their logos, refined to be distinguished and worshiped and then worn like a symbol of pride. Fans, critics or the sportspersons themselves have an affinity of transcribing by their team’s logos.

Despite the fact that nearly every team strives to make their logo unique, memorable and more importantly an instigator of passion, few amongst them live on in popular imagination and are always held in high regard, due to the ingeniousness of the design they possess the world over.

Here are some of the best sports logo designs in History:

Manchester United

Forbes listed Manchester United as the most valuable football team in the world. This football club, based in Old Trafford, England, is renowned the world over as one of the most successful clubs in club league football. Their logo, which is quite complicated, is equally adored by the massive fan following this club has. The crest has been taken from their home, Manchester City’s coat of arms while the iconic devil in the middle is an ode to their nickname “The Red Devils”. Holding a trident, sometimes only the devil is used but overall the logo is a memorable one and is probably standing at a valuation of tens of million British Pounds.

The New York Yankees


Representing the most vibrant city in the world? You definitely would want to up your game. The New York Yankees has served as one of most visual personifications of things associated endearingly with New York City, but it’s their logo that has gone on to serve more than just be a sports logo. It’s an elegant logo design, first created by Tiffany and Co, to honor a slain police officer, but it has become a major commercial souvenir as it flocks caps, bobbleheads, t- shirts and a host of other things. The logo is easily featured amongst the most recognizable sports logos in the world with those interlocking N and Y alphabets.

Dallas Cowboys


The most valuable team in the world doesn’t own a complicated or flashy logo, yet it manages to mesmerize with its simplicity and a powerful design to boot. A 3D logo design was rarely the norm back in 1964 when Jack Eskridge went into redesigning the original logo and added a white border around the serene and sedate blue star. Being used since then, this logo represents the team’s excellent sportsmanship, its prowess and above all, its endearment to fans across the globe, especially the United States.

The Chicago Bulls


The National Basketball Association doesn’t have a fiercer logo than the one Chicago Bulls sports for itself. Yes, the club is named after a bull, but not many people know that the Bull hides something sinister within the design. See those horns and you will see a dash of red color at the ends. That’s the blood of opponents that the Bull seemingly killed with its deadly charge. A powerful image indeed but the most surprising bit of this logo is that if you go on to flip it upside down, you will start seeing an image of a robot reading a book on a bench. A smart and memorable sports logo indeed.

Sports logos are manifestations of the ideologies they carry and are displayed proudly by fans so the great ones amongst them serve as great inspirational guides for businesses and especially brands on how to make logos that connect with the largest number of people according to the brand ideology.

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