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The food service industry is one of the biggest industries in the United States as of 2017, with millions of restaurants sprawling all over the country, serving everything from bacon to pizza to Sushi. Catering to different tastes and target markets, the competition is fierce as each restaurant wants to increase the footfalls as much as possible. And although the taste and quality of the food being offered is an immensely critical factor in the success of any restaurant, marketing has now also acquired center stage when it comes to bringing people to actually come and eat what is being offered.

However, marketing in the food service industry is quite different from the norm prevalent across the industry as the variables involved are quite different and the stakes here are quite high. People expect excellent quality, great service, amazing food, a thriving ambiance and a whole lot more from every food joint and all of this has to be portrayed in all marketing collaterals, especially the logo design. Whether it’s Starbucks or Baskin Robbins, every restaurant business’s logo has a story to tell, as well as serving as a signpost of all the inherent qualities that consumers look for before barging into their outlets. To have a logo as amazing and unique as these quintessential food brands, here’s what you need to look out for:

Portraying the Traits:

No one would want to dine in at an unhygienic place or a place where the staff isn’t welcoming. But before coming in to actually experience those things, your customers would take a look at the logo placed outside your eatery or food joint, so it has got to be on point and be enough to instill the sort of confidence in the customer that makes it come right in without a second doubt.

To accomplish this, you would need to make sure that your logo portrays those factors reliably. Psychologically, colors like red and yellow are in use by most restaurants, as they are more likely to stimulate appetite and convey the meaning that you have a vibrancy that will make them feel at home by having a good time.

While reds and yellows and blues are the favorites, green is now fast rising as one of the more preferred palettes when it comes to choosing a dominant color for your logo design. Portraying freshness, eco-friendliness, and nature, green is a favorite for winning over the audience in your logo design. Starbucks is Coffee titan but it uses green in its logo, which gives it a more sublime look by portraying that its ingredients are pure and fresh. Coffee isn’t green but Green has come to signify Coffee for Starbucks quite successfully in the recent years.

Standing out from the Haze:

There are millions of restaurants out there with each one trying to woo in customers, so it’s important that your point of differentiation starts with your logo design.

This logo is for a café that serves Thai cuisine and what makes this logo a winner is its uniqueness and the themes correctly resonating with what the brand is trying to tell. Elephants are synonymous with Thailand and the tree branch held by the Elephant in its trunk personifies fresh and nutrient rich food. This logo is quite easy to remember as it is a far cry from other logo designs you see that hinge on conventional shapes and patterns like a burger patty or a name written in a fancy font. You can definitely expect this logo design to pique the interest of a lot of consumers walking outside the restaurant’s doors.

Where to Go From Here:

Designing a logo is not the end of the story, you need to reach out to consumers in an effort that is designed to stay with them. With the advent of social media, this has become a lot easier and brings in a lot of footfall as compared to other conventional marketing methods. Sharing videos of the food being prepared on social media platforms (Snapchat has been a recent winner in this category), Chef talks, sharing recipes, sharing pictures of the food on Instagram are just some of the strategies you can employ to get the most out of your marketing strategy.

While social media is a great platform, you might need to have print collateral as well for having the perfect marketing strategy like banners and flyers that, if of high quality, will set the ball rolling your way. There is a host of other ways to market your food, but building a brand is what’s most important towards aiming for a sustainable business. As a restaurant owner, you would need to ensure that your eatery just doesn’t exist like any other eatery down the road that’s barely noticeable, but rather becomes a favorite and a must visit hub for people from all over town and beyond by not just having a great and memorable logo but by having the perfect marketing strategies designed by experts to make the path easier, achievable, and most importantly, sustainable.

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