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Should Logo Branding Strategies for Green Companies be Unconventional?

Logos, websites, social media, SEO and a host of other marketing collaterals and strategies are combined together to serve just one purpose i.e. brand visibility, which would lead to increased conversions and drive sales. Some like their marketing to be subtle while others want it to be vibrant, flashy or edgy but what works conventionally in the marketing domain for all brands, does it work for “Green Companies” as well, or should Green Companies have an altogether different strategy underlying their marketing efforts?

In the past two decades, affinity towards the environment has increased greatly among the consumer base and so have the number of companies that cater to this need. Green Companies solve a wide variety of environmental issues like pollution, global warming, deforestation and a host of others. Their work, which although functions like a conventional business, has a deeper connection with the audience they intend to target, as people see them as serving a greater purpose of protecting the environment.

Their branding strategies should be a personification of the upheld value they represent and to do this, we need to go deeper and understand how this aim can be duly reached without letting the visibility getting compromised. The best way to do this is through understanding the different set of logo design tools needed to establish the perfect logo for green companies.

Logos are one of the most important branding collaterals and the one which is part of every other marketing portrayal like it’s placed on and alongside ads, on the company’s website, promo products and can be even found on business cards. Here is the perfect logo design and branding strategy for Green Companies:

The Perfect Logo:

Logos are the starting point of all businesses and a lot has been said about them in terms of color, design elements, fonts, and platform compatibility. Conventional businesses have a larger palette to choose each of these from, but the logo design tools for Green Companies are pretty much one dimensional.

There are a wide variety of Green Companies providing everything to protect and sustain the environment, like solar energy firms, garbage recycling mainstreamers, water desalination plants or Reverse Osmosis companies. They are serving to address a wide variety of environmental concerns. But the biggest mistake that people do is to confuse them with sustainable companies, which although work in a manner that helps the environment, their primary products or services are not green or environmentally friendly.

This confusion also panders into the logo design as people want the logo of their green companies to be designed on similar lines. Green is unarguably the most widely used color in logos for green and sustainable companies. Green signifies growth, nature or harmony but sustainable businesses use that color to show primarily that they work to reduce their own carbon footprint and do not work to aggravate the problems themselves. “Green Businesses” should go down a different lane and involve a wider theme of colors which have roots in nature like brown, blue, and even yellow, which is perfect for alternate energy resource firms like solar panel providers and wind energy farms.

Green businesses want to convey a sense of reliability, trust, and responsibility on their part on the logos. Here is a logo for a green company that provides clean energy by harnessing solar power:

Image Source

The dominant colors in this logo are blue and yellow a perfect combination to represent such a company as blue represents the sky, serenity, and calmness while yellow represents the Sun and a never-ending spirit. The logo is made perfect by the circle that envelops the whole design as circles signify completeness and more importantly renewal through a continuous cycle, which is what personifies this business perfectly.

Making the logo different is immensely important to create the differentiation and position the green company as unique with an identifiable set of values and goals.

Having a logo that matches your ideals as a green company is immensely important as it will not only remain limited to function as marketing collateral but it will promote your cause and benefit your company in the long run. Green Companies are important in today’s world as the problems that the environment faces today have never posed a more serious threat to this fragile world. Promoting green companies in the right manner is integral towards keeping the fight to regain this beautiful world from harm alive and kicking.

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