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Since prehistoric times, our minds have been hardwired to understand and respond to different kinds of stimuli that aided us in our survival in those wild times. But those psychological underpinnings still do hold value as we elicit the same kind of emotions after seeing certain colors as we did back then.


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The perception a person takes away after being exposed to a certain logo is largely dependent on the color of the logo. Yes, the design is immensely important, but color is a stimulus that can change the immediate outlook of your logo to the extent of altering its meaning by eliciting different passions and emotions.

Most of the iconic logos out there are more associated with their colors than they are with their design as a Mcdonald’s logo will be immediately recognizable at even the haziest of days just because of the yellow color that constitutes a major part of the minimalistic logo.

When opting for a new logo design, color is dependent on what vision you are trying to portray to the onlooker and what does your brand stands for. The key here is to pick the perfect color or a combination of colors to match your brand ideology perfectly to make a powerful impact.

To understand the different emotions that each color elicits, we have some of the most popularly used colors in logos for you here:

The Subtlety of Monochrome:

Image Source

The colors black and white do not exist alone as one cannot be present without the other although the hues used each time may differ.

Black signifies formality and the elucidating darkness of the night while white is a proponent of peace and composure and together they portray a silken image that is not present in any color making it a perfect color palette to apply when you want a vintage logo for your brand.

Monochromes are great when used to signify technology and innovation and are used mostly by companies that do not want to give away what they do with their logo but just act as a personification of their vision.

The logos of Apple and Nike are built on a monochrome theme but they just signify the calmness of being great at what these companies do without making too much of pomp and noise.

The Power of Red:


Image source

When we talk about the color red, the power here is innate and it portrays passion, aggressiveness, and intensity to the fullest making it a powerful candidate for any brand that vouches to look as a constantly active entity with élan.

Companies like YouTube and Coca-Cola have red as their primary logo color to signify the dynamic nature of these brands and the product or service they offer.

The color red stands to increase or stimulate appetite and consumption which stands to explain its use in so many food and beverage products.

The Harmony of Green:


Image source

When used wisely, the color green can create an instant connection with an onlooker as it is one of the most abundant colors in nature and stands to elicit the feelings of earth and relaxation just like sitting under a tree.

The connotation is evident in all forms of this color when used in a logo as it provides the logo with a feel that it is fed by natural flavors or possesses a growth-oriented approach.

Money and financial products have long been associated with the color green and its use in such companies is great as it makes it easier to portray the phenomenon of prophesizing sustained growth that will remain fresh for long.

The color green has also been used in the Android bot logo by Google as it portrays the wealth of applications and functionalities that the domain offers.

The Authority of Blue:


Image source

Blue is symbolic of governance and professionalism and is one of those colors that elicit integrity and trust in the brand logo that aims to incorporate it.

Blue is present in the horizon and the sky and brands with such a vision should opt for this color to give more weight to their cause by the use of their logo.

When using blue, keep in mind that it implies faith and trust which is the main proponent of companies like Samsun and Ford that reek of quality in all of their products making blue the perfect candidate for portraying a confident yet conservative stature of a brand.

The list doesn’t end hereas there are other colors you can use when you get a logo like orange and purple which are used on an equally consistent basis in logo designs and have their own set of emotions with them but what we intended to make you understand here is the power of colors in making your logo impactful which has the ability, if done right, to transform the chances of success of your brand in the marketing world.

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