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Black Friday 2020

The Black Friday sale takes place each year after the day of Thanksgiving. The sale usually goes on for about four days till Cyber Monday. Massive deals and discounts are given by stores each day and hundreds of products. The shop earns a lot of profit during the sale.

Can your website handle it?

Can your website handle it

Keywords are Important

The biggest thing that you need to worry about is if your website can handle the traffic on the days of the sale. As the majority of your customers would want to buy the products from the website, this can cause your website to slow down if it is not maintained properly. If your website can handle a large amount of traffic on the Black Friday sale, then you might go into a loss. That is because if customers come to your website and find it to be loading slower and actions are being registered slowly then they will most definitely go to another website. Now you will need to avoid this by testing the website’s server load capacity. The better the expected laid is the more customers will stay on your website. The cart and the checkout sections of your website are the most important and you need to make sure they function fast as well.

Another important thing to bear in mind is the keywords. On most websites like Amazon, the majority of the customers do not even go to the latter pages. You need to make sure you are on the first page so that the item you have in stock is sold the most. You also need to set up proper keywords that can make your item to be easily found in a search. Choose whichever keywords are trending the most and use them as a source.

The Website should have it all!

Your website should definitely have a gift guide as the Black Friday sale marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. A lot of customers will come to your website expecting to buy some of the best gifts for Christmas. Making a proper gift guide can help customers navigate through the products to whichever gift they are looking for. Another thing to check is which products are being sold the most. The products with the highest value should be on the front page of the website. For example, the new generation consoles, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 should definitely be on your front page with good bundle discounts. You should also have a proper email marketing system as the more customers you reach via any social media platform or email can increase your profits.

The Final Word

Even though this might be the first Black Friday sale in which stores might be close due to the lockdown you can still make huge profits if you make good use of the online business. Using these tips, you can make sure that you are ahead of the competition and maintain a proper profit lead despite the pandemic.

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