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How to Make Money Online With Little Investment

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to harm businesses and the economy, turning to the internet for making money online is becoming the solution for many laid-off employees.

That is not to say that people were not working online before Covid-19. It is just that there are more, and the demand for online workers continues to grow.

The following list of methods should give you some ideas on how to make money on the internet if you are also looking to improve your financial situation.

Method #1 – Online Surveys

According to the report of PennyHoarder, knowledgeable survey takers make about 8 dollars per hour on average.

An online survey nets somewhere between 1 to 5 bucks each. And while it does not come close to having a full-time venture, you can still make a decent income by consistently working on them.

Research companies pay certain websites money to gather relevant information. For example, they want to find out whether people are feeling positive or negative about a particular political party, relationships with neighboring countries, or their expectations from the current government.

Before you start working with online surveys, create a separate email account for signups. This way, you can avoid potential spam coming to your main email box.

As for reputable websites worth your time, some examples include Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, CashCrate, and Toluna.

Method #2 – Print on Demand Venture


A print-on-demand store could be your ticket to financial independence. Printify platform has you covered on custom merchandise creation explained in detail, and they are one of the best suppliers you can find.

Print-on-demand is a process of white-labeling products, such as t-shirts or mugs, with eye-catching designs that one can sell on a per-order basis.

Start by researching the market and picking a niche. Try to find a balance between a demand that is not too saturated and an idea that you find interesting. After all, working on a niche that you have no interest in will lead to a lack of motivation.

For instance, if you love dogs, do not expect to compete against established brands that offer custom merch for pet lovers. However, if you were to design something like chihuahuas or huskies that look like famous people, there would be less competition to worry about.

Once you pick the niche, build a website. Platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce usually have simple integrations. Not to mention available guides online if you get stuck.

When the website is up, add products and get to promoting. Focus on search engine optimization for organic traffic as well as social media. You can run contests to reach more people or join relevant groups to promote your merch.

Finally, if you are finding it difficult to come up with enough designs for the merchandise, remember that there is an option to hire a freelance designer.

Turning your print on demand business into a joint venture is worth considering. Having another person manage the design side of the business would give you more time to promote the store.

Method #3 – Streaming

Streaming has become a popular form of entertainment and popular streaming channels are making a lot of money by attracting people through interesting videos.

If you have an entertaining personality and would love to interact with people, then try your luck with Twitch TV or YouTube.

Pick a topic for your stream. It can be video games, cooking, music, talk shows, or another theme you are comfortable with.

Monetize the stream by running ads, getting subscriptions and donations, posting highlights to a YouTube channel, and getting sponsorship deals.

Method #4 – Video Editing

Video editors are in demand because more and more brands are starting to realize how effective video content is. Be it social media, videos on the business websites, commercials on streaming platforms, teasers about upcoming products, or customer testimonials – the content has to be persuasive.

The data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics show that video editors with no experience make about 15 dollars an hour. And these are just the bottom 10%. The ones at the top make as much as 82 dollars an hour and up.

Learning to become a good video editor will take a while. You also need to understand that good editing consists of more than just putting some clips together. Videos need tasteful transitions and good pacing. They need to flow and tell a story. The right effects and soundtrack play a prominent role as well.

As soon as you feel like you are ready to take on your first assignment, look for potential gigs on platforms like Fiverr and UpWork. The sooner you get real work experience as a video editor, the faster you can start moving up the ladder and transition from amateur to professional.

Method #5 – Social Media Management

Social media managers can start as someone who runs a personal channel on a platform and grows it organically. Then, when they gain enough experience, it is possible to get in touch with already established brands and offer them your services.

Most celebrities do not run social media pages themselves. Instead, they hire someone who can do the work for them. You could be that someone. And given how popular sites like Facebook and Instagram continue to be, knowing the ins and outs of such platforms should give you a job for years to come.

Method #6 – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers need a reliable affiliate program. Amazon and ClickBank are the two options that stand out, but there are other choices. You get to decide and pick, but be sure that the affiliate partner will pay you.

Developing a website instead of advertising on social media is more effective to reap the benefits of affiliate marketing. With a website, you can  attract site visitors consistently  if you can publish valuable articles optimized for search. Organic traffic plays a prominent role in the overall success of an affiliate marketing project.

Method #7 – Blogging

Bloggers have a plethora of options when it comes to monetization methods. Ads, affiliate links, sponsored content, a crowdfunding page, and even digital product promotion on your blog is a good way to make money.

However, before you start thinking about monetization, you will need to work on attracting an audience that will read your blog. Focus on article quality and try to inform your visitors and offer solutions rather than being overly sales-y. Also, find a niche that you find interesting to write about. Otherwise, you may lose motivation before actually accomplishing anything with the blog.

Method #8 – Online Courses

People are looking to add new skills to their repertoire and change careers or advance in their current jobs. And it is thanks to platforms like Udemy and Skillshare that such opportunities to improve and learn new things exist.

You can develop and sell your online course if you believe you have the expertise to effectively teach a subject/skill. Find a topic and collect information from as many sources as you can. Then, compile the information in a single course or a series of courses and publish it on the mentioned platforms.

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