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The most important thing startups should consider is how to build up a diverse and multi-faceted initial brand recognition strategy. Focusing on increasing brand recognition is an indispensable strategy as far as startups are concerned, no matter how powerful or innovative your product or service is. For brand recognition to be powerful, it has to cover all mediums to ensure that all niche markets are effectively covered. The trend nowadays, which is undoubtedly immensely successful in garnering attention towards your brand, is to focus all of your attention on building a great online presence whether it is through SEO, PPC or even getting a great app built. But as effective as it is, online presence doesn’t cover it fully and is not something physical, that as humans, we have a tendency to latch on to and remember it for prolonged periods.

The prevailing opinion among a great chunk of marketers is that print advertising is on its way out and investing in online advertising is the only way to do effective marketing. Well, they are half right. While online advertising definitely ensures great returns but its main problem lies in the fact that the market is highly saturated and with gazillions of ads being churned out every second vying ferociously for the user’ attention, your campaign will not be realizing its true potential. What will complete it is engaging print media and integrating it with your online presence as this will bring in more people and their attention towards what you are trying to say.

The most effective print tool to do this integration is the brochure as its features are the perfect way to go about your way successfully. Lets see how your brochure can be a powerful tool for integration and increasing brand recognition for your startup venture:

The most qualified leads!
When your brochure carries your information and a definite call to action with specific hashtags that will enable anyone who gets hold of the brochure to be able to find you online, any conversions or leads coming off through in this manner will carry more strength than conventional ones because the user took the initiative of contacting you as he/she found the content engaging enough, which translates into half the work done. Brochures can get these conversions quite effectively if they have highly engaging content which is supported by relevant imagery as this engages the user in quite a different manner than something online. Everything online is viewed through the same lens as the quality of the image or graphics are determined more by the type of device being used by the user than the quality of the imagery itself while in brochures, if your logo, advertisement, images, content or any other thing is printed and has a high resolution then it latches on to the user’s attention like nothing else. Sometimes just the feel of the paper is enough to do this.

Permanency with lower costs!
The best thing about brochures is that the most essential consideration in any startup’s marketing plan which is cost is pretty low and gets lower and lower per print with bulk printing, something online ads can never offer. Online advertising carries off the same cost for as many as you want and it is far better to have conventional print media pursue your aim of getting a far bigger outreach coupled with online advertisements. This will decrease your costs and increase your exposure.

Brochures will live on a far longer period than online ads as they offer a tactile feel and are mostly retained by people. As they are comprehensive and can offer a great deal of information related to your service, brochures can give you the added advantage of furthering your credibility with anyone who meets you and wants more info about your gig. Legitimacy is a big criteria for a brand’s success rate especially if it’s a start up. Considering the fact that a pretty large number of startups fail, legitimacy can give you your much needed boost and reduce the chances of people not trusting you. Get your marketing team thinking and let them bring up effective ideas for including print media especially brochures into the fray. You definitely need to order your brochures as soon as possible for your start up to get those eyeballs garnered towards your brand!

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