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If you want to run an e-commerce store then the first thing you need to understand is that it is not so different from running an actual storefront. You need to focus on customer service, product availability and make sure your shop looks inviting enough for a customer to step in and then have their curiosity piqued enough to stick and wander about. You need to do pretty much the same with your website. Make the website look inviting and have the perfect combination of looks and effective responsiveness (the equivalent of shop layout and checkout system) to ensure that the customer enjoys their shopping experience. However trends change very fast in the online world. Sliders were a must have last year, but not feel antiquated. Let us talk about the design trends of 2016.

Hero Images

A hero image is what we call a large banner image that is placed in the front and center of the website, essentially making if the first and (only) thing your visitors encounter on your website. They are meant to aesthetically please your website visitors.

A picture is worth a thousand words. And this is exactly the thought that is driving this design trend. There is nothing as relatable or descriptive as a photograph. A photo that is the perfect fit entices the customers and makes them delve further into your website. The website of Maaemo is a perfect example of a hero image being used to its full potential. This shows how crafty designers can get. The photo is not just beautiful but a moving one and loads up very quick. This is the time of photo that actually makes you curious enough to scroll down and find out more about Maaemo does. You can go and check it out yourself. We won’t spoil the experience for you.

Full screen note and Scrollable
These are finally gaining traction again. Non scrollable websites are like getting used to the taste of dark chocolate. On their very first bite most people hate it but by the second or third nibble, one starts to get a small hint of the appeal of dark chocolate.

Non scrollable websites can be navigated using the keyboard in most cases. They tend to be used when you opt for a simple design. One of the best examples of a full screen website that has done away with scrolling is of Facebook Privacy Basics. Not the most responsive website but still looks good and delivers the info very well.

Crazy Animations
If it is possible to create a crazy visual treat, that loads up easily then why not. Waaark is the perfect example of a beautiful color riot visual experience.


So the next time you want to make your website look up to date and enticing enough you should go to your designer firm and ask them to tell you more about the latest trends. Keeping up with the latest trends is important. Many people do ask, what if they cannot keep up with the latest trends? Well then you better be an innovator of trends. Anything other than that and you are setting up yourself for failure.

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