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Evolution is as much a phenomena in the online market as it is in the natural world. As things change, you also need to alter your strategic mix to keep up with the trend and stay relevant but logos are a lot different from other marketing strategies in that they serve as identification marks to represent the brand but do not constitute as much in the process of selling the product to the consumer. Logos make for easier brand recall and instant recognition, so they should the purpose by personifying your ideology rather than just become a thing on which you splurge exorbitant amounts of money just because you can. A lot of businesses commit the mistake of redesigning their logo just because the old one has been around for a pretty long period of time and they believe that it must be done away with now.

When, in 2009, Tropicana changed their logo, there was huge outcry from the customer base who believed the old logo sufficed for them and the change was highly unwelcome. What happened there was that, you cannot do much with a beverage which has a certain fruit at the helm of its flavor in terms of changing it. The flavor was the reason the brand was taken up by the consumer in the first place. When they don’t require a change in the taste, a logo redesign which they have come to associate with their loved brand would be very unwanted at that point in time. Logos shouldn’t be like that, they should be changed when there are enough reasons to change them.

A lot of marketers fail to recognize these changes and don’t play by the rules. Here are some of the reason you should look for in your logo to decide whether a change is really required in your current logo design:

Technical Problems arising with the Current Logo:
One of the most basic reasons to change a logo or redesign it has to do with its technical aspects. Check whether your logo doesn’t lose its image quality when its put down to scaling or is it too multi colored, making it expensive to get it printed by the company. Issues like this certainly signal a sign for a minor revamp in the logo design to improve its technical viability across different aspects.

Does it live up to the current vision of your business?
When talking about a logo redesign we need to look deeper into the ideology behind the initial logo when it was first created. Businesses have a tendency to evolve over time and they could end with doing something entirely different from what they started out to do initially. It can be either the inclusion of more brands into the foray or a fit to match marketing strategy that the business straddled upon due to trial and error to maximize its consumer base. When looking for logo redesigns, ensure that your logo now is too different from the ideology behind your workings today.

It is not as appealing as others in the market
When your business started off, you needed to work with the resource you had in hand at that point in time which could have resulted in initial logo design that was enough to begin work with but now as you continue to grow, you now need to upscale your logo to make it more appealing than your competitor’s. This is sometimes the single most important factor in deciding whether to go for a logo redesign or not as other things can surely be worked over or out looked but once you are in with a competition, it is wise to go a for a logo redesign or if possible, for a completely new one to go one up one your competition so that your brand identity gets better and leaves a much more impressionable mark on the consumer.

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