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It is just a logo. We have heard and seen people not giving logos the respect they deserve. You can’t trivialize something that becomes the face of a brand and gets etched in people’s minds. According to research by Renderforest, logos hold a significant value as the most recognizable brand identifier. But given the immense branding value of these design symbols, it always leads to one debate: is an expensive logo worth it?

A logo design can appear deceptively simple — a mere combination of shapes, colors, and typography. However, the price tag attached to professional logo design often raises eyebrows. There are multiple reasons for this, which we have discussed in this blog. First, let’s hear the arguments in favor of cheap and expensive logo designs.

Cheap vs expensive logo designs

Logos designs that are economical and don’t cost much are for startups and small businesses with limited budgets. A cheaper logo design allows them to allot their resources to other important aspects of their business, such as marketing, human resources, or product development.

It also has a faster turnaround, meaning that the design process is simple and less time-consuming.  Online logo makers or freelance marketplaces often offer quick design services at a very economical cost. So, if you are in a rush, a cheaper logo design might work for you.

If the business is in its infancy or uncertain about long-term success, a cheap logo suffices. It can also work as a placeholder logo until the company matures and has clarity on a more intricate design.

The biggest argument in favor of expensive logo designs is professionalism and quality. Logos designed by experienced designers and companies are, most of the time, a work of art in themselves. They are unique, memorable, and effective across various applications.

A well-designed logo communicates professionalism, trustworthiness, and credibility to customers. Investing in an expensive logo design can enhance a company’s brand perception and set it apart from competitors with generic or amateurish logos.

Since an expensive logo is created after a long process, from ideation to design, it ensures that the final product lines up with the brand’s messaging and attracts the target audience.

Such logos also offer long-term value as they become an asset that builds brand recognition and trust for years to come.

Expensive logo design packages may include additional services such as brand strategy development, brand guidelines creation, and ongoing support. These services ensure consistency and coherence across all brand touchpoints.

Finally, a logo that comes into inception through a detailed thought process reduces future risks like copyright and trademark issues. The cost that goes into designing might help a company save future expenses, such as legal fees, if they are slapped with copyright infringement litigation.

Why is logo designing expensive

It’s quite simple: a logo design, like any piece or specimen of creativity and art, is created through a process, and the amount you pay is not for the final result but, in fact, the process that has created it. Naturally, all artists and graphic designers have their own unique processes and creative talents, and the price you pay for a logo can be and must be justified with the final design.

Time and expertise

A good logo design is more than just graphics – it’s a visual representation of your entire brand.  An expert designer will take the time to understand your company’s goals, target audience, and brand identity and then translate that into a logo that is unique, memorable, and effective. This process involves research, brainstorming, sketching, and revision, all of which take time and expertise.

Long-term value

Your logo is one of the most important aspects of your brand identity. It will be used on everything from your website and marketing materials to your business cards and packaging. A well-designed logo can help you build brand recognition, trust, and loyalty, which can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction. 

Designer’s skill

Like any field, there are varying levels of experience and skill among logo designers.  Highly regarded designers with a proven track record will naturally command a higher price than someone who is just starting out.

Design funnel process

A professionally designed logo is the outcome of a meticulous process called the design funnel. Numerous ideas are poured into the top of this funnel, and through iterations, refinements, and creative exploration, they eventually converge into an excellent design.

Craftsmanship and talent

Elite logo designers are rare and highly sought after. They possess a blend of artistic flair, strategic thinking, and technical skills. Their ability to distill complex brand identities into a simple yet impactful symbol is invaluable.

Legal considerations

Designers need to ensure that the logos they create are original and do not infringe on any existing trademarks or copyrights. This may involve conducting trademark searches and securing intellectual property rights for the final logo, which adds to the overall cost.

How much do logos cost?

If you are looking for completely free and inexpensive options, you can design your logo on DIY platforms like Wix Logo Maker, Squarespace Logo Maker, and Canva. For those willing to spend some money, dedicated designers are often their first choice. The price range for logo design can vary widely depending on the designer’s experience, the complexity of the project, and the specific platform. 

So basically, define your requirements and then talk to any expert design company to put your logo design ideas and company visions to life. 

The most expensive logo designs ever

While the pros and cons of cheap vs. expensive logos are for you to weigh, we want to show you just how much money companies are ready to splurge on their logos. According to Statista, these are some of the most expensive logos of all time:

British Petroleum (BP)

BP’s green and yellow flower-like emblem aimed to project an environmentally friendly image, came at a staggering price tag of $200 million. Resembling the sun (Helios), the logo signifies the company’s commitment to an environmentally friendly image.


Cardiff City

When Malaysian businessman Vincent Tan took over Cardiff City FC, one of the major overhauls he did at the club was changing the logo – from the traditional blue tones to red. While the new logo was less of a redesign and more of a change in placements of the bird and dragon – since the feature is in both old and new logos but in varying sizes – it is estimated to have cost around $100 million.



Posten Norge

Norway’s Posten Norge (national postal service) hired London’s agency FutureBrand to redesign their logo in 2011 because they wanted something to match their visual identity. The new logo, featuring bright red post horns in the shape of an “N” against a clean white backdrop, came with a price tag of $55 million.



Tropicana’s rebranding is a stark example of why companies must take the input of their target audience before finalizing a logo. In 2009, the populate beverage brand invested $35 million on a rebranding campaign that significantly altered its orange juice carton design. This new design performed poorly with consumers, and Tropicana quickly reverted to its original packaging after suffering substantial sales losses.




While the exact price is unknown, it is estimated that the British Broadcasting Corporation spent around $ 1.8 million for its present logo rebranding in 1997. The broadcaster sought a modern logo to replace its tired 1960s design. British design firm Lambie-Nairn created an 11-part logo design featuring large bold letters dropped from a bright red box, adaptable for TV, print, and the web.



One of the logos that tops the most lists of expensive logos is that of Symantec – a data security company. Most articles claim that the company spent $1.28 billion on its logo, making it the most expensive logo ever designed. This isn’t quite factual.

In fact, Symantec purchased VeriSign in 2010 at a cost of around $1.28 billion. One of the more valuable properties was the VeriSign’s check mark. Since Symantec retained the tick and added it to its logos, people believe the company actually spent over a billion dollars on design.



The decision between a cheap and expensive logo ultimately comes down to your budget. Be realistic about what you can spend on logo design. This will help you determine the level of expertise you need – a freelance designer or an experienced agency. Then, consider the complexity of your logo design and whether you need additional services like brand strategy development or a style guide.

All in all, a well-designed logo is a long-term investment that can benefit your brand for years to come. Consider the potential ROI when making your decision.


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