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A logo is a significant element of a business’s brand identity. It serves as a visual cue that allows your consumer audience to resonate with your brand. Naturally, if you want your brand or website to attract attention, the first step is curate an attractive logo.

Popular brands, such as McDonalds, Nike, Coca-Cola and Ikea have a powerful brand identity, which stems from their catchy logos. In this article, we will walk you through some steps to make your logo stand out and command attention.

Here, take a look:

Understanding your Audience

Every single marketing strategy, be it logo designing or content optimization, requires a marketer to understand the target audience. First and foremost, you must select your target audience, and understand the demand for your products and services. Are you producing a mass-produced product or service, or are you catering to a specific niche?

Before working on your logo design, it is important to conduct research on your audience demographic and explore designs that are popular amongst your audience.

Originality is Exclusivity

The significance of originality and creativity simply cannot be stressed enough as it allows a brand to capture exclusivity in its brand identity. A logo is simply not a design element that can be mimicked or copied from another brand. It requires you to study various designs and play around with graphics to create something that is original and unique.

Avoid Overly Complicated Designs

A logo that is too complicated to understand will not fulfill the due purpose of a visual cue. Consumers find it difficult to relate with or even remember logos that are overly complicated and complex. You need to create a symbol that will easily stick in the minds of your consumer audience. Remember, when it comes to logo designing, less is always more. The key is to make a dynamic impact with a design that is simplistic and attention-grabbing.

A Hidden Message

A logo must convey a story by adding hidden messages into its design. This message will convey the story behind the brand’s identity and existence. You can achieve this by adding a strong one-liner, such as the Nike logo. Or you can play around with words and phrases, or even symbols and other design elements.

Again, this is where creativity and originality comes into play. However, the underlying principal remains the same: a well-designed logo must convey a message and a purpose.

The Psychology of Colors

Colors are one of the most significant design elements of a logo, and they play a powerful impact in brand positioning and brand identity. You can make an impact with an attractive color scheme, but that doesn’t mean you should underestimate the impact of a grayscale logo design.

It all comes to down your brand identity, the preferences of your consumers, and the color palettes that resonate with your brand story. Each color and color palette reflects a series of emotions and feelings. It is important to understand these emotions and feelings in order to create an impact on your target audience.

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