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Whether you engage in B2B or B2C business interactions, it is crucial to generate quality leads online to drive business growth and revenue. Finding potential customers and nurturing them through the sales process until they are prepared to make a purchase is the aim of quality lead generation.

Building visibility, credibility, trust, and interest from a specific set of people (possible leads) is another goal of quality lead generation. So, concentrating on lead generation can aid in directing traffic from high-quality prospects.

According to HubSpot, 67% of organizations rely solely on the statistic of lead generation to evaluate the efficacy of their content. Profit Blitz highlights that companies with successful lead-generation strategies generate at least 133% more income than those without effective lead-generation methods.

However, the million-dollar question is, ‘How can we generate quality leads online?’ Let’s get straight to the point.

How To Generate Quality Leads Online in 2023?

1.Conduct A LinkedIn Lead Program

LinkedIn can help you generate online leads, as most people use LinkedIn to network. Marketers say LinkedIn produces twice as many leads as any other social media site. With a 50% open rate, LinkedIn’s Message Ads perform better than conventional email marketing strategies. Here are some facts and figures that you probably won’t know:

  • Compared to 13% on Twitter and 7% on Facebook, LinkedIn generates 80% of B2B leads.
    LinkedIn accounts for 80% of all social media-generated B2B leads. Four out of every five leads come from LinkedIn.


Number of conversions per social platform (Source: aboundsocial)

  • Replicon, a SaaS startup, observed 11x greater response rates from LinkedIn’s sponsored InMail than from email.
    To generate quality leads online, Replicon contacted particular decision-makers by employing sponsored InMail. This demonstrates the potential effectiveness of directly targeting decision-makers on LinkedIn. The messaging platform – InMail by LinkedIn provides a unique way to reach influential business executives.
  • LinkedIn produces three times more conversions than Facebook and Twitter.
    According to a HubSpot study, LinkedIn has a visitor-to-lead conversion rate of 2.74%, over three times that of Twitter (0.69%) and Facebook (0.77%), compelling another method how to generate online leads for business. Through LinkedIn, more prospective customers visit your website and are more qualified and prepared to make a purchase.

LinkedIn is the go-to platform for lead generation (Source: HubSpot)

What do these facts and figures tell you? Well, the answer is quite simple. Undertaking a LinkedIn lead program is crucial for generating quality online leads in 2023.

2.     Leverage the Popularity of YouTube (YT) Shorts

YouTube Shorts is a massive prospect overlooked by small firms while contemplating strategies to generate quality leads online. It now has an immense amount of potential but is underutilized. Compared to blogging, it is much more effective because YT shorts are only a few seconds long and it has video content, whereas the reading time of a blog is in minutes and may be boring.

Younger people make up the majority of users of YouTube, which has a short video format. Short-form content is essential to a larger strategy, even if it doesn’t always feel like the optimal content-sharing platform.


Businesses should consider using YT to engage in this. Now the question is, how to generate leads online using YT shorts? Here is one way: Take key points from your long-form videos and condense them into a short, finish the video off with something like, “If you want more info on this XYZ topic, check out the video in the link below”. This could be a product demo video, and the flow would look like this:

Short-form video (key info) [Push user to watch long-form demo video] -> Long-form video [User is encouraged to click the link to go to a landing page] -> Books call -> Deal done. All you’ve done is maximize your reach with YT shorts and focus on content already created to generate quality online leads.


3.     Embed Lead Capture Forms Directly Into Video Content

Similar to a give-and-take, by using lead capture software or forms, you can collect information from potential clients in return for an offer. Visitors can access your offering after filling out a form with their information. You can also get leads from people who download materials from your landing page using a lead-capture form.


Businesses should use lead capture forms because they help generate quality leads online and advance those prospects through the sales process. Importantly, they do so without being hostile. Someone is probably already interested in what your business does if they are willing to offer their information for content.

Even if the users didn’t initially visit your website with the intention of buying something, they come close to becoming an obvious and natural sales lead. Due to the value offered via a lead capture form, users must trade their private information for access. As a small business owner, once you have a user’s contact information, you can start a dialogue that might ultimately result in a sale.

For their Marketing Unboxed video series, the customer-data-platform company Zaius used a hybrid approach to content gating. They incorporated forms within each video rather than placing everything behind a form. The video included a lead generation form inviting people to subscribe but did not compel them.

 An episode of Zaius with their embedded lead generation form (Source: Unbounce)

Only ten episodes have been released yet, but they have already produced hundreds of new leads from it, and older episodes are still gaining subscribers. Some of these subscribers were later developed into new Zaius clients.

In other words, the above method employed by Zaius actually answers the question we asked right before beginning our conversation: how to generate quality leads for your business. The forms attached to the videos are sufficiently attention-grabbing without becoming bothersome.


4.     Using User-Generated Content (UGC) For Lead Generation.

An effective way to generate quality leads online is through UGC (User-generated content), which is unpaid or unsponsored content that users across all networks create or share when they use or revere your brand, its product, or its service. UGC can be comments, social media posts, forum discussions, podcasts, or even blog posts.

You can engage with the audience through UGC and gain their trust. Encourage customers to provide more user-generated content about your company, goods, and services as part of your marketing plan. UGC comprises things like reviews left on blogs or client testimonial videos posted on a B2B brand’s website.

The legitimacy of UGC is its main advantage. Since it is more objective and relatable, people trust information from other customers when looking for inspiration or recommendations for purchases. They read reviews and browse consumer images to choose whether or not to purchase something.

UGC has the highest impact on customers’ shopping decisions (Source: Stackla)

A study discovered that UGC primarily drives e-commerce firms’ increased trust and loyalty. User-generated content significantly influences 79% of consumers’ shopping decisions. This increases its impact by 8.8 times compared to influencer content and 6.6 times compared to content created by your brand.

UGC is a fantastic way to: 

  • Obtain free marketing content.
  • Expand your brand’s reach and engagement.
  • Increase customer trust by providing social proof of what others think about your business.
  • Increase the chances for people to share their experiences with your goods or services.

5. Leverage the latest SEO techniques for lead generation

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, consists of methods (both on-page and off-page SEO) to enhance the content of your website to raise its SERP ranking. The probability that search engines will display your website for an appropriate search query rises with a high ranking in SERPs.

SEO directly impacts the rise in organic website traffic and visitors, which will produce leads. There are various ways to generate quality leads online through SEO techniques:


  1. Conducting an SEO audit

    Conducting a site audit can provide you with several recommendations on how to enhance and optimize your website. A site audit examines the technological framework, and on-page and off-page aspects of your website to assist in optimizing the blog to raise online visibility, leads, and conversions.

    A comprehensive site audit identifies the structural changes and content gaps that need to be addressed to increase website traffic.

  2. Enable live chat

    Enabling chatbots may inspire audience confidence and guide them through various stages of your digital marketing sales funnel. AI-enabled Live Chats make the initial conversions more engaging. Chatbots assist in obtaining visitor information, converting them into leads, and guiding them through various digital marketing phases.

  3. Localized SEO lead generation

    Assume you are an owner of a small business planning to target customers in a localized area. Your top priority should be implementing a local lead generation plan. To fully benefit from local lead generation, you should consider the following factors:

    1. Local Events: Participating in local events is an effective way to generate local leads for your company. Get a kiosk or use the networking event to promote your small business. Try persuading potential customers on how your business may benefit them.

    2. Google My Business (GMB) Ads: Running sponsored adverts is usually an intelligent lead-generation approach. Use the new Google My Business advertisements if you are a local business owner to appear at the top of local Map Pack results. This can lead to more emails and phone calls.

  4. Niche-based SEO

    To implement a niche-based SEO strategy, businesses typically start by conducting keyword research to find the most relevant and high-value keywords for their niche. They then optimize their website’s content, meta tags, and other on-page factors to incorporate these keywords and improve their visibility in search results.

    Other tactics businesses may use to support their niche-based SEO strategy include building high-quality backlinks from relevant websites, optimizing their website’s loading speed and mobile-friendliness, and creating engaging and informative content that appeals to their target audience’s interests and needs.

Final Words!

Companies are always on the lookout to search for effective ways to generate quality leads online. We have provided some of the tried-and-test ways for quality lead generation. Acquiring quality leads necessitates a systematic approach using the most recent digital marketing tools, platforms and strategies. All the best for your lead-hunting journey!

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