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Writing great content is not very difficult. In fact, all it requires is a bit of hard work as well as a dash of creativity to get the job done right, the very first time over.

An important step in any content writing 101 guide is to get the facts right.
After all, if you do not have anything of value to add to a conversation, than it will simply lead to your article or blog being considered ‘click bait.’

And here it is pertinent to note that Google and other common search engines are a whole lot smarter than ever before. Various algorithms will effectively ensure that you ‘never’ end up in the top 10 or the ‘holy grail’ of search engine results.

What Does Content Writing Mean?

It is basically concerned with the creation of value based content that will be consumed online. If done correctly, it will decrease the bounce rate substantially. ‘Bounce rate’ is when a person comes to the site and finding nothing of interest, he closes it or in other words ‘bounces’ off.’ A good content writer will not only enthrall his audience, but he will also make good and sure that there are sufficient keywords to attract the relevant traffic to the site.

Here it is pertinent to note that blog content writing is somewhat different from creative content writing. The words and sentences of the former are smaller and easily digestible to a large audience. When writing creative content, you have to remember that you are in a race against time.

If you make the slightest mistake about your sentence structure, overall length, and verbosity, the target audience will lose their interest and click off the site. After all, it only takes just a swipe of the finger to do so!

However, content writing pros really know their jobs well, and they keep their target audience visiting their site.

Understanding Your Target Market

Here it is vital to understand that all content generation strategies needs must take into consideration the specific personal preferences of the target audience itself. That is, what are the demographics as well as the psychographics of the target audience you are trying to attract. For example. If you are into sports shoes in Perth, it will not make sense to pepper your articles on Bitcoins (for instance).

In a nutshell, you will have to customize your content and ensure that it is relatable to your audience’s personal preferences.

Headlines are important

We all know that headlines are important. The chances are that many ‘digital marketing content specialists’ continue to write reams and reams of their blogs and favorite articles. And they do not even understand the fact that it not always the body text of the content that actually catches the eye, but the headline.
In other words, if you can capture the imagination of your reader right from the word go (so to speak), then he will be hooked sufficiently well enough to read the whole thing. And once he does so, he will enter the marketing funnel. That is, he will take the first steps towards doing whatever it is you have created the website for. Such as generating interest in the second world wear (for instance) or trying to buy/sell a particular product. This is why you must always try to go for a really eye-catching headline whenever and wherever you can.

Avoid Errors as Much as Possible

Spelling and grammatical errors are just plain off-putting. If you make enough of those, then your target audience will think that not only are you bereft of any knowledge regarding the subject matter, but you are bereft of any knowledge. Period! Typos are the bane of any well written blog or article, and you should try and run them through any online grammar and syntax correcting tool of you can.

Do Your Research

If you are going to write an authoritative article or blog, it makes sense to have the required knowledge for the task at hand. Otherwise, you will just come off as a ‘wanna be’ writer who is trying to write about stuff that he does not know anything about.

And this is not like the dark ages when you have to go to a library to find data. A simple Google search will land all the data at your fingertips, and you would just need to put it all together, properly enough.


Ultimately these website content writing tips will generate plenty of organic traffic to your site. Apart from that, they will also go a long way in making sure that you can actually retain the core interest of your target market. So that they keep coming back to you again and again.

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