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It is that time of the year, and Superhero fans ranging across the DC universe are “justifiably” intrigued (pun intended). DC has finally announced not only the official series of Justice League logos for all of the individual members of this elite club but also released some really nifty footage from the all-new ‘Justice League Movie.’

As far as the logos are concerned, it is perfectly evident that the good people at DC have really gone over and above the call of duty (just like the superheroes they have created). Let us take a look at these logos one by one

Look Up, It’s A Bird… It’s A Plane…. No, It’s Superman!

The Kryptonian’s ‘Superman’ Logo has always struck deep into the hearts of the people who idealize him. The ‘Red Color Gradient ‘has been liberally mixed with the dark red color of blood. This is why it almost immediately strikes the viewer as mute testimony to his superhuman strength and other powers; all contained within this logo. In fact, it is difficult to tear one’s eyes away from a logo that just throbs with an alien power, of the kind that can dispatch evildoers in the blink of an eye. This logo is the ultimate showcase for massive power, held firmly in check by the inner goodness of the one man who has the privilege of wearing it.

The Dark Knight Rises In All His Glory

The ‘Bat logo’ is as old as Batman himself. It is the embodiment of a young boy’s transformation from a privileged and pampered child to the masked vigilante that evildoers love to hate and fear. It is an important reminder of the power of tragedy and how it can transform anyone into a wonderful source of justice. The simple yet powerful symbol of the bat is all black and designed to scare bad guys and anyone else who is in the thrall of the raw power behind the ‘black bat’ logo.

Wonder Woman: The Thrilling Amazon Princess

The new ‘Wonder Woman’ Logo is slightly reminiscent of the old WWF (World Wrestling Federation before its transformation,) thanks to its twin ‘W’ look. But here all resemblance ends once and for all. Nevertheless, the solid beak shape of the ‘middle W’ basically represents a bird in flight and is quite different from the old version of the same logo. The new braces on this logo also bring about a complete change in the overall look, and it portrays Wonder Woman as a bird that will tear down and sink her talons in the forces of evil. With this logo, it is easy to visualize her as an immortal individual who can tangle with the very gods and come out a winner!

Aquaman: The Undisputed King of the Seven Seas!

To say that this logo is unique would be a mild understatement! Aquaman has been part of the DC universe for almost 80 years, and his logo has gone through many iterations over the past few decades. However, this time around this logo has a muted and darker look. Especially since the emblem itself is redolent of the mysteries of the underwater world in which the man lives. It has intrigued not just Aquaman fans alone but conceptual designers, all over the world. Everyone is eager to see what the new Aquaman equipped with his emblematic logo will do in the upcoming Justice League movie.

Flash: Sheer Poetry in Motion

If ever a logo can be said to showcase poetry in motion. It would be the electricity bolt that Barry Allen carries on his chest to show the world that he is indeed ‘the fastest man alive.’ For a man who is faster than ‘greased lighting,’ this is a suitably apt logo. It brings with it a time-honored tradition in which the electric flash logo and the golden flash logo merge to create a highly symmetrical symbol that is a cause of great excitement for Flash’s myriad fans, all over the world.

Part Human, Part Machine… Complete Cyborg


This new logo is not just attractive but singularly appealing as well. It heralds the Cyborg’s entity as a brand-new member of the Justice League. The Cyborg is an interesting take on the ‘meta-human’ concept since he still retains his humanity while being a part machine. The DC comic reading fans will be used to this logo, but the people who have seen this bright red dot only in the movies. Well, all we can say is that they are in for the treat of a lifetime!


For all those fans who have been eagerly waiting for the all-new ‘Justice League Movie,’ the new justice league logos are a tantalizing teaser of what is to come. Going by the logos alone, we can safely assume that the movie will be the kind of blockbuster that will certainly keep the audience to the edge of their seats.

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