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The 4th of July is right around the corner, which means you do not have that much time to up your social media game or run promotions. Considering the fact the 4th of July is the biggest retail day of the year, there is absolutely no reason why you should miss out on it. Last year, sales were estimated to exceed $7 billion, and this year it will most likely increase by leaps and bounds.

So if you want a nice bump in sales, especially if you have had a hard time during summer, then you should take advantage of this 4th of July before it is too late. To aid you in your cause, here are some of the best marketing ideas that will allow you to fire up your 4th of July game like never before.

Offer Discounts

This should be a no-brainer when it comes to great marketing ideas for all seasons. For the 4th of July specifically, you will need to hold special promotions and sales. If you are wondering why, because it will work without fail. Shoppers are most active during this time of the year, and this is the perfect time for you to engage with them.

By running sales and specials for the 4th of July, you will let your target audience know you care. Incorporate a 4th of July theme in your campaign. Even if you can’t, there is nothing to worry about, but only as long as you run promotions and sales during the holiday week.

Patriotic Promotions and Sales Offers

If you have some great offers for the 4th of July, make sure you promote them on social media. Let your customers know that they should shop at your store.

Promote posts for your merchandise, and if need be, set up a Facebook ad with a patriotic offer of your very own. Not only is this is a quick way to get the word out, but it will attract old customers as well as new ones.

If you are concerned about overspending, fear not. Facebook ads are relatively cheap, not to mention easy to pull off. What is interesting is you can customize them for your current audience, or for an audience that has a similar demographic.

Show Your Patriotism on Social Media

Promoting posts about your merchandise on social media is not going to be enough. You will have to post pictures of your employees and customers celebrating their patriotism. There is no harm in showing your store either.

Wish everyone a great holiday, and share your posts as well those created by your customers. Got the extra mile by posting holiday graphics on Instagram, changing your Twitter or Facebook cover photos or sending out email specials.

If you are open during the holiday week, make sure you let your customers know about it so that they can visit your store.

To get your customers into the holiday spirit, create a DIY photo with patriotic props and backgrounds. What is the best about this approach is that it is inexpensive, and you will end up engaging your customers, making them happy in the process.

For each and every post, use a custom hashtag, encourage your customers to use those hashtags while sharing their content. If you want to increase the organic reach of your posts, share and tag your customers.

Add some Flare to your Push Notifications

Believe it or not, mobile messaging matters quite a bit, even more so during the days leading to the holiday.

Be strategic about your push notifications, spend as much time as possible to find the right words. With well-timed and quippy messages, you can increase your click throughs by entertaining your customers instead of solely focusing on selling something to them.

So while spreading the word about special events, holiday discounts and app-exclusive deals, make sure you do it in style.

Think Outside the Box

Some other great business marketing ideas involve thinking outside the box. Do not restrict yourself to strategies that have already been adopted by other businesses and brands. If you want to leave a lasting impression, then you will need to show your audience, and others too, that you are different from the rest.

Apart from the usual sales and promotions, you can tell great independence stories. Share your own or your customers’ to let them know that no sacrifice is in vain. For instance, you can tell a story about your own business and its struggles to reach where it is today.

On the other hand, you can commemorate the event by remembering those responsible for keeping the people and country safe. If possible, donate money to support a cause for veterans, or highlight the great things a local firefighter has done for his/her community.

These are just a few ways you can separate yourself from the rest of the crowd this 4th of July. The possibilities, are quite literally, limitless.

The aforementioned marketing ideas are great if you are not sure what to do this 4th of July. Make the most of this information so that you benefit from greater reach and an increase in sales. Remember, all of this only works if what you do is something your customers can relate to.

If you are looking for more top marketing ideas, you will find plenty more online. For this reason, make it a point do your own homework beforehand to find strategies and ideas that will best suit your business in particular. However, if you are not sure where to start, or if you are in desperate need of assistance, there is no harm in getting professional help, this applies to all aspects of marketing, be it content or website design.


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