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Without even a shadow of doubt, Instagram is one of the most important and most powerful marketing mediums of the present era. It is such a wonderful blend of content marketing, and communication service. It has all the potential and capacity to drive fabulous engagement, and above average return on investment for a brand.

The growth of Instagram users has been absolutely phenomenal, which the following chart illustrates. The number of monthly active Instagram users has been on an amazing inclined.

There are more than 4 billion likes per day on Instagram, and each image shared on this medium gets an average of 23% more engagement than its Facebook counterpart.

According to eMarketer, Instagram has brought in $6 billion in global mobile ad revenue in 2018.

Top Instagram Marketing Hacks

Here are some of the most effective marketing hacks you can use on Instagram

Post between 9pm and 8am

The most effective time to post on Instagram is between 9pm to 8am. The prime reason for this is that fact that most users prefer to wait until they are done with their office. It is quite amazing how much difference it can make in the eventual outcome. This also plays a pivotal role in increasing brand visibility.

Use Emojis to Profile

Emojis can lead to 47.7% more interactions on Instagram, as per Quintly. An authentic research indicated that when we see a smiling face online, the same parts of the brain are stimulated as when we look at a human face, hence they actually show a real effect on human beings.

More than 60% of Instagram accounts use emojis. It is a good idea to limit it to one to two emojis per post. In fact, you can even put some in your Instagram bio.

Lifestyle Photography

The best ads on Instagram are the ones that don’t particularly look like ads at all. You would never want to give an impression to people that you are trying to sell or trap them into buying something.

It is strongly recommended to avoid using stock photography at all costs. Instead it is the preferred option to create engaging lifestyle photography that broadcasts the functions and features of your offering in real situations. It has proven to be an influential tool in driving sales, as pictures help communicating the brand’s message better than dull and boring text.

Share Instagram Pictures on Other Forums

Instagram photos are probably some of the most amazing and flattering images you can have. The best thing about Instagram is, when you upload your photos; you can share them on other mediums like Facebook or Twitter.

This cross channel sharing of visual content is a good innovative way of making quality inroads into your segment. Consequently, this sharing has done wonders in improving engagement levels, which in return has boosted the sales volume.

Utilization of Instagram Carousels

The Carousel enables you to upload up to 10 photos in one post. If you have a long list of pictures to post without adding them into separate posts, then this is the feature you want to use.

A carousel ad allows you to place multiple photos or videos within the same ads. These photos or videos can then easily be swiped through by users who encounter your ad in their feeds.

Constant Monitoring of Comment Section

Reviews are a quite a precious piece of words in the current online digital hacks. Improper remarks can substantially hamper the image of your brand. Customers like to be responded, they perceive it as a matter of respect.

If you have left a comment, and later felt pang of regret, it’s never too late. You simply need to go to the offending comment, and click comment to access the comment screen again. Swipe the comment you made to the left, and then you will see the garbage appear, and then tap on the can, and select delete.

Use of Videos for Storytelling

One efficient way of reaching out to your aimed audience on Instagram is by creating and launching scintillating and captivating ads that run within the Instagram stories section of the platform.

According to Instagram, over 400 million accounts are now using this feature quite actively. These stories represent a massive opportunity for business owners who are quite willing to invest time, energy, and money in a bid to create unique, entertaining stories that users can easily see and interact while viewing different stories from the people they follow.

Instagram remains one of the most relevant social channels for your business. This channel of social media is surprising people with its potential. Building an audience on a platform like Instagram demands strategic effort in depth. If you want to make 2019 the year Instagram pave the way the growth of your business, then the above mentioned marketing hacks can considerably help you.

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