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In the present era, videos in the workplace aren’t just limited to only marketing and training. It’s also a sales tool that drives conversions and purchases.

Humans love binge watching as our brains process videos 60,000 times faster than text.

Videos are entertaining, visual, and massively underused to convert leads. Despite this, having a video on the landing page can boost conversion rates by 80%.

There is no denying the fact that videos have come a long way since the early days of the internet inception. In fact, 95% of people have watched an explainer video to know further about a product in detail. This makes it a fascinating medium and tool to integrate into your firm’s sales program. So, it is necessary to create a high-quality video, and you can easily do so using a free video editor which contains all features to edit videos for your sales funnel.

Video Marketing

With the correct pack of tools, your marketing department can efficiently and reliably fill the top of your sales funnel having an ideal prospect, which can considerably facilitate in moving them along the on-boarding process faster.

Facts & Figures

How Videos Can Increase Engagement & Conversion?

The power of using marketing videos, is enhancing rapidly by the day, and companies that are failing to capitalize are missing a big opportunity to engage with their intended audience.

Online videos will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020.

Videos put you in the now and boost your organic reach. Brand videos are proving to be an instrumental medium in forming solid relationship, and engage consumers in every step of the funnel.

Videos that last up to 2 minutes get the most engagement. Facebook has been rated as the most impactful social media channel for video, as an average Facebook video receives 135% more organic search than a Facebook photo.

According to a recent survey by Content Marketing Institute, 62% of content marketers termed videos extremely effective and beneficial for the sake of higher audience engagement, and lead generation.

(Source: www.semrush.com)

How Video Marketing Works At Different Stage Of The Funnel

Normally, the marketing funnel can be broadly categorized into the following categories.


(Source: www.wistia.com)

Here’s how videos comes into the equation with each stage of the funnel.

I. Awareness:

In this stage, your potential customer is having a problem, and you have a solution, it’s just that you haven’t found each other yet. What better medium of connecting with each other, than videos.

Successful marketers take this opportunity to come up with a kind of video that tell people about your brand via videos that appear in targeted search and social media ads.

II. Consideration

In this phase of consideration, people are aware of the problem, and are looking for solution. You want to help them with their decision process.

Videos are not only a useful medium for transmitting tons of information in a short period of time that can be beneficial for the intended market, but they are also quickly becoming a preferred medium for content consumption online.

III. Decision – Conversion

The decision stage is the conversion time for your potential customers. They have already done the research at their end, taken the feedback of your offerings, and are almost ready to sign up.

Video is an efficient conversion tool as it gives viewers a revealing inside look at the brand, and the different offerings it has. Since emotion is quite a strong factor in the process of decision making, videos at this stage of the funnel benefit a great deal from a human touch to pack an emotional punch.

How Brand Are Using Videos

Brands are looking to come up with those brand value that can serve the purpose of creating their UVP, Unique Value Proposition. It can only be possible and effective once they have complete understanding of their marketing goals, and the demographics of their targeted audience.

This is just marketing short-speak for the purpose of creating an outline about your content, and the reason of being it special.

* Reebok’s “25,915” Days Campaign

Grab Attention in the first 10 seconds:

Your potential award-winning 3 minute video is worth absolutely nothing, if you don’t hook up with the audience within first 5-10 seconds, then only you can have dividends for your efforts. Internet users typically have a quite short attention span. Best brand videos are the ones that can capitalize in the initial few seconds.

In Reebok’s “25,915 Days” campaign, they grab attention within first 10 seconds of the video by broadcasting the woman from the opening sequence, when she is younger to go with some creative placement of numbers that matches the theme of their brand video.

* GoPro

Compelling Story

The content of your video should be interesting and compelling. There is no point in taking the same old content that has already been published in hundreds of other places.

Videos, especially brand videos, allow you the liberty to be more expressive about the offerings of your brand in a bid to depict your values to your precious customers.

The video from GoPro has done exactly that. Out of all the user-generated content GoPro could have enticed to forward their typical adrenaline-junkie targeted marketing, they rather chose to put money into post production of the video.


The reason this video scored big was because the people at GoPro saw a good opportunity to showcase a different side of their values that don’t always get seen in their traditional and standard marketing.

The video caught the eye-balls across the globe, as it was quite inspiring, and compelling. It shows the importance of humanity. These sorts of gestures televise wonderful feelings to have people associate with your brand.

Video is an effective and persuasive medium; it’s highly engaging and leads can use it to make their way through the entire funnel at a rampant pace. You only need to set up content journey. If you want your video to be successful, then map your content to the funnel, set up your ideal content mix, and connect your video marketing to ROI.

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