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Midwest Distribution is a CVE Verified Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) specializing in supplying American-made steel and aluminum products to private and governmental agencies. Their standard as well as custom products range includes carts, racks, totes, wire baskets, and stackable containers. The brand partnered with PNC Logos in 2020 with an aim to boost brand awareness and amplify lead generation strategies to achieve success.


The targeted Social Media and Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns, coupled with SEO strategies and keyword optimization, significantly boosted brand visibility. These efforts were complemented by strategic Email Automation for lead nurturing. Additionally, our team worked diligently to enhance the brand's online presence through modern and user-friendly Web Design, ensuring a seamless customer experience. As a result, website traffic and leads multiplied instantly.

01 257.8%

Website Traffic increase

02 148.333%

Impressions increase

03 227


04 +25



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Digital Marketing is our forte, and we made every effort to boost Midwest Distribution’s visibility and traffic in the online sphere. All this resulted in optimized cost per lead, enhanced social media campaign performance, and improved leads and traffic.

The improved numbers in just a span of a few months speak for themselves:




Social Media Reach


Organic Goals


New users




Working on solutions for Midwest solutions posed many challenges due to their niche market. Operating in B2B, the complex customer journey was longer and trickier and required careful navigation. Our main goals were to contact leads effectively and find the right people in the audience. Dealing with low-quality leads made things more challenging, highlighting the importance of customized strategies and vigilant execution.


In designing our strategy, we focused on key areas to optimize Midwest Distribution’s branding efforts effectively. Our services covered Social Media and Pay Per Click Advertising for brand visibility, SEO for enhanced online presence and user experience, and Email Automation for lead nurturing.



We selected audience interests, optimized offers and CTAs, and set up Google Ads with conversion-centric keywords while avoiding irrelevant searches. Utilizing Google Analytics and Call Tracking, we monitored performance closely. We enhanced ads with Site Links and callout extensions and conducted A/B testing for headlines and description finalization.


Email Marketing

We also implemented a funnel-based approach, reaching out to prospects on LinkedIn and nurturing leads through email funnels. Additionally, we enticed and retargeted interested individuals with a Free Guide offer. Moreover, a comprehensive newsletter was sent to the ones who replied with personalized queries and quote requests.


Search Engine Optimization

We began with a thorough website audit based on our SEO checklist, identifying various issues, including weak URL structure, non-optimized UI/UX, lack of separate service pages, thin content, etc. These issues were addressed through a search engine-friendly URL structure, in-depth keyword research, optimized CTAs, and improved content quality. Additionally, we created a blog section with informative content, performed competitor analysis, and implemented effective local link-building tactics. We also optimized the Google My Business profile to enhance local visibility and drive leads.

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