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A good tech-savvy digital marketing company will make you the best looking and working online store out there. They shall ensure (hopefully) that your online store is line with your present business, that is, it has the same logo, a theme similar to your existing website (or if you do not have one, one that reflects your branding strategies so far). That is all good however for you to be truly successful there are some questions which you will have to ponder over. What are these questions? This is something that an excellent digital marketing agency will tell you. A good one will help you set up a storefront, an excellent agency will help you start a viable business.

First-off, if you are reading this, congratulations! You are thinking of venturing into a market whose potential is growing every day. However with very little barriers to entry, the competition is stiff. So there are two main things you need to decide on before you set up an online Shopify store.

The first is the development of an e-business plan. You will say that you already have a business plan in place, and all you need is a website. I will have to rudely say that you do not understand what an e-business plan is. An e-business plan involves having an awareness and understanding of what it means to do business online, how it will differ from your day-to-day existing strategy and having an inventive strategy that helps you compete.

Just saying that you need an e-commerce business plan is really vague so let s break it up into achievable tasks.

What is different about you?

No matter where you conduct business, you have to ask yourself what are you offering your customer, what is different about you or how are you doing something better than what the others are offering. You have to find out what sets you apart from the lot.

For example, let us take the example of GatorPack. It sells shipping supplies like so many people out there. However, what it does differently is that there are just three options on the front page and you simply choose one and pay for it. No digging about the website, no about us or fluff, just down to business. It may not work for a newcomer but it works for many who just want an extremely fast and simple process.

Think of it this way. All online businesses are like shops adjacent to each other. So you really need to stand out.

What is the competition?

Not everyone can come up with something unique and out of this world and not everyone has to. You just have to find your competitor’s weakness and somehow ensure that you do it better. So before getting an online store made, scope out the competition and make sure you also tell your chosen digital marketing agency about the competition.

For example, up until now the main point of online retail stores was fixed selling prices which was convenient for many but there are some who like to bargain. And thus to cater them, some online mobile retailers came up with a unique bidding option that allows each individual customer to bargain by quoting their price. It is simple things like these that can give you the edge you were looking for.

And do not worry you do not have to go it all the way alone. Do this basic homework and then scope out a digital marketing agency that will help your further polish your e-commerce plan.

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