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As the New Year has just started, marketers all over the globe are thinking about all the new design trends this past year have brought us. The year 2019 will be a challenging and fascinating one for brands all around the world. We are constantly tuned in and aware of the trends that dictate the trajectory of the market. Reflection of these trends is critical and preparing for the future is paramount in today’s digital era.

Many designers are taking their own roles in the events of 2018 and are using their own creativity to curate unique designs. The perceptions about the new design trends vary from individual to individual. However, one thing is for sure the new Ecommerce design will be quite creative, interactive and captivating.

Top Design Trends for launching the New Year

Here are the top five trends that you should keep on radar for the year 2019:

1. The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Humans are hypothetically on a cusp of the single largest revolution in technology, you can also call this the next industrial revolution. It has been forecasted that designing as a practice is going to evolve quite swiftly. Artificial Intelligence designs will be the new face and role in the AI industry, just like movie directors have a vital role in making movies, without the director there will be no movie. These AI designers will head multi-disciplinary teams in the formation and design of webpages using AI.

It is worth noting that we are rapidly advancing in perfecting deep learning algorithms and machine learning properties. We are reaching a level of perfection in a number of different aspects which AI can marvelously do for us and at the same time, we are compiling a pile of extremely narrowly focused functions, all of them disjointed as a whole.

It is more or less like building an artificial person but we are starting from all parts of the brain at once. Artificial Intelligence designs stand out to become the most exciting practice in the history of commercial entities. The emerging face of this segment has taken the world by storm.

2. The Use of Vivid Colors

Use of bright colors for everything from backgrounds to images to user interface elements has been one of the most prevalent graphic design trends of 2018 and these strategies are expected to be an integral component in the new web design trends of 2019.

(Source: www.venngage.com)

If you have noticed that the world of design feels a little more colorful lately. You would be spot on. Splashes of electric yellows, bright corals and vivid blues are replacing the reserved colors of the previous years. It has been observed that more brands and designers are adding vivid colors to their palettes for 2019 in order to immediately entice potential or current clients.

Last year was a catalyst in terms of branding, advertising and packaging as businesses prioritized simplification in each of their strategies. Hence, it should not come as a surprise that businesses have adopted this approach for designs and illustrations as well. Due to the incredible popularity of simplification and reduction, this trend will continue to prevail in the following year.

3. Effective Focal Points

Another trend to look out for in 2019 is the mega use of bold fonts and type-faces. Many companies have personified the use of these focal points. Take Adidas as a prime example of how effective this new webpage design trend really is and how they have used it across all of their marketing channels.

As you can see from the above image, the bold font makes it quite easy to read the text on social media feeds and on mobile devices. It facilitates in instantly projecting strength, innovation and individuality. It is important to understand that these bold fonts are often the supporting partners to other design elements which will contribute to your conversion rates. The synchronization among the different processes involved is of paramount importance. Consider using these bold fonts with other trends to get the most out of your marketing efforts.

4. Handmade and Organic

While colorful, geometric, 2D vector still dominate the web design landscape. There has been somewhat of a counter-trend, in the form of illustration which is organic and handmade, even if these creations are digital.

(Source: www.creativebloq.com)

One look at the image above will leave you curious and quite intrigued, which proves how effective this new web page design really is. These new design trends have a huge potential of being an effective tool in the coming year as numerous brands are working on handmade and organic design which can serve the purpose for the broadcasting of the brand and its message.

5. The Existence of Gradients

Gradients are one of the most effective elements in any Ecommerce design. These gradients give the designing dynamics more depth and intensity. Plus, like some of the other rising graphic design trends, they look amazing on mobile devices. These gradients will not only attract your user’s attention to important information but it will also help continuity throughout landing pages.

(Source: www.venngage.com)

With the presence of vivid colors and futuristic patterns, these elements feel right at home with some of the other graphic design trends in 2019.

The Bottom Line

The current e-commerce website design standard is quite effective in guiding visitors through the purchase cycle. The competition globally has become quite fierce and the margin of error is constantly shrinking. One simple mistake could thwart every marketing effort your business implements.

Web designers are working hard to come up with fascinating designs which can effectively convey a brands message. All of these new design trends have completely changed how businesses engage with their clients and how they entice new users to invest in the business. So if you are currently contemplating a new web page design, consider the aforementioned trends to get the most out of your website.

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