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Have you ever wondered why some logos are so affordable and cheap while others cause hundreds of dollars? Have you ever carefully and meticulously observed the difference between the two designs?

In a day and age when entrepreneurs can design their own logos through online tools, such as Canva, why pay for an expensive logo? In fact, why are certain logo designs so expensive?

It’s quite simple: a logo design, like any piece or specimen of creativity and art, is created through a process, and the amount you pay is not for the final result, but in fact, the process that has created it. Naturally, all artists and graphic designers have their own unique processes and creative talents, and the price you pay for a logo can be and must be justified with the final design.

So, why is a logo design so expensive? Let’s find out, shall we?


An expensive logo design puts forward a massive punch of creativity that has been perfected and refined through a continuous process of improvement. It starts with a rough design that resonates with the brand identity, and evolves into a masterpiece that will allow a brand to standout in the industry.

It involves a long and strenuous process of sketching, designing and meticulous planning to create a logo design that will capture the consumer audience with its creativity and brilliance. It captures a story and presents it with such finesse that allows the brand to gain a competitive edge in the market.


Entrepreneurs and individuals who are not well-versed in the processes and talents of graphic designing often disregard it as an art that is easy and laidback. That is not true. There is graphic art everywhere around us, as it is propelling customers towards brands, markets and industries and driving branding agendas across the world.

Contrary to what most people think, the process doesn’t start with experimenting with design software. It begins with research, as a graphic designer must begin by understanding the brand and its consumer audience. This requires time and diligent observation to ensure that the final logo design resonates with the brand’s ideology and its consumer audience.

Elements & Colors

When we say that logo designing is an art, we refer not only to the creativity that goes into the process, but more importantly, the impact is creates in the minds of the audience. It inculcates the psychology of colors and the philosophy of elements by using clever and creative placement tactics.

A logo, albeit a minor smudge on the bottom or start of a page, is a powerful branding tool, if only it is designed to deliver an impact. An expensive and creative logo design will help you deliver a

dynamic impact without requiring too many words or elements. It will play upon the minds of your consumer audience and deliver results by utilizing cleverly placed elements, and the right blend of colors

Logos are expensive because of the creativity, expertise and research that has been poured into a design to make it perfect for a brand’s identity. A design must justify its price by speaking volumes about a brand without giving much away!

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