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How to optimize your logos for Google’s Image Search

In the field of logos, we often talk about the right colors, design elements, relevance to the brand and industry, viability and the ability to represent the business’s vision, but many of us miss out on a very critical aspect. Yes, logos are pictorial representations of a brand’s vision and intent but at the end of the day and on the simplest of scales, a logo is still an image. Logo design companies and their clients often do not acknowledge this fact and fail to capitalize on their logos as a place that can itself bring traffic and lead conversions.

Companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on search engine optimization to gain visibility for their brand but more often than not, logos are not regarded as tools to be used in SEO strategies. SEO is not just relegated to searching for websites, images are searched for by users in big quantity as well.

When someone wants to see something in an image format, they open Google Images and search if there is something that matches the perception they have in their mind and that holds true for logos as well. A brand can definitely use Google Image search and optimize their logo to feature in the top result for a wide but vertical variety of keywords. It’s the same as when websites, pages, and blogs are optimized on Google but if you are doing that, then why miss out on optimizing logos when you can easily do so.

Google now uses deep learning within its Image Search module which has made it a lot easier for brands to optimize their logos themselves. Previously, alt texts that accompanied mattered when it came to optimizing for Google Images as this part of the search engine functioned just like the other parts, i.e. looking for keywords. It still does, but the added capability that deep learning has bestowed it with is that it can also recognize the image itself and feature it in the results based on relevancy.

For e.g. you are running an athletic council and have a logo that features a person in a sprinting posture and while you optimize your website for SEO, your logo can help you get traffic from Image search as well because it matches your category. People interested in athletics in the area you are serving or the current crop of athletes from the same locality, when searching for Images related to athleticism can find your logo featured in the search results.

Having a relevant logo that has visual aspect similar to your business’s core working domain will definitely help you get featured in the Google Image search results. Google’s AI working for its Image search could be even more optimized if your Logo Fonts are readable and simple because it definitely can “See What’s Written”. In getting a logo designed, you need to remain as simplistic as you can get to give the Search Engine a high chance of locating your logo in its “Picture category” if it receives a certain search query.

Google has mentioned in its own blog, that its Image search assigns different entities to photos instead of relying on text strings to determine classes in which to segregate images to identify them like Apple is a fruit as well as its global brand, the image search won’t get confused and has different unique IDs to cater for both set of images. Brands with logo might tend to attach a notion with their logos that they represent ambiguity and normally the pictures or things featured in logo designs are bent or convoluted to cater to artistic fervors which might make them unsuitable for Google’s image search to identify and rank, but this is not true on their part.

This 3D logo design is about a Mexican Food Joint that serves traditional Mexican cuisines and features a Mexican Hat which is rendered to give it a 3D mold. The AI at work in Google’s Image Search can still easily discern the image of the hat despite the increased depth and surrounding characteristics. The Image Search would segregate this particular logo in the Mexican Hat category as well and when sometimes searches for it, this logo would surely turn up. When one searches for Mexican Hats, it would stand a high chance of being interested in a wide variety of categories related to Mexican culture including food and that can lead conversions and drive traffic that you could have missed out if the image wasn’t made to be optimized for Google.

The current rules suggest that you optimize the visual element of the logo more than anything else for Google’s Image search because you definitely need it to work for you and bring back the investment you sowed in it, probably more. When logos can help you in increasing your earnings themselves, then why stop them from doing so? Just a thorough thought process when designing a logo can allow you to get access from a wider pool of prospective customers than you would have otherwise had.

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